Friday, April 23, 2010

'House Hunting on a Mission Budget' ~ Part Four

This is a great house at a great price, US$ 550.00!  We call it, 
'The Circular Stair House'.

Nicely kept exterior.

Inviting front porch area.

Large garage and patio area, no grass though.

Well lit kitchen with decent cabinets!

Bar opening into dining area. Parquet floors!

Large living room with built in shelves. 
(Notice the very steep, narrow circular stair, no rails whatsoever!) SCARY!

4 good size bedrooms.

Nice closets!

3 bathrooms. 

Lots of balconies and stairs...lots!

Interesting,  unblocked view into all the neighbor's yards.

This is a nice house at a fair price. It is on a loud, busy street. The many stairs worry me because of my back problems and also for the grand children who visit often. It also has a lot of floors to keep up,(Sweep, mop. wax, buff) including a third story rooftop teraza from which one can see all the way to Brazil. Literally!

I could see myself living here if I had a larger family and were younger. Not now... its too much house for me!


Mrs. C said...

What's with the BROWN toilets? Is that common in South America, or did you just happen to visit two homes with that potty colour?

Carrie said...

I'm enjoying this tour!

Jungle Mom said...

Nrs,C, Most of thesehouses are older and from that era. We saw brown, light blue, pink and yellow toilets .

Kathy said...

House hunting "with" you is so much fun!!! I can't wait to see what's next!

Brooke said...

It is very nice. :)

Gringo said...

Solution for too big: A room for a student who in turn for room and board, participates in housecleaning.