Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"House Hunting on a Mission Budget' ~ Part Six

I am afraid to show pictures of our house. It will only scare you when you see the condition the house is in. BUT, we know the owner and he is putting a lot of money into repairing the house which was destroyed by the previous renters. We have discussed what will be done  and knowing the owner, who also has other rental properties, we feel confident that the work will be done,

Before I show you the pictures, let me tell you what we were looking for. Mainly,
Rent under US $500.00
One level to spare me the stairs
Large living room for entertain groups
Lots of windows for light
A yard with greenery
A porch/patio to hang a hammock
Plentiful water,
Good wiring
Secure area

This house has all of these things but...it needs a lot of cleaning, painting and even some demo to get it there. SO we call this house the "WE Must be Crazy but We'll Take It" house.

                                                                                                                                                          This is the living room which opens into the dining room.Both are of a good size, have a nice neutral ceramic tile , cathedral ceilings and lots of windows and french doors. When the shutters are opened it provides very good lighting.

The living room has a fireplace and plenty of windows with shutters.

The bedrooms are decent in size , have nice lighting and built in closets. Grant it! Everything needs a good coat of paint!

The three bedrooms all have large built in closets

You can see my husband is taking stock of all the
things he will need to be fixing soon!

Checking out the storage available in the dining room built in.

The boarded up holes are for placing window unit Air Conditioners.

The big front porch will be perfect for drinking terere with friends and family!

Poor Hubby! Lots of yard work ahead as well!
 This house has been neglected but  is in a very nice area. We have armed guards at both ends of the street as well as a private guard post 20 meters down from our front door. The entire block behind us is owned and guarded by a large International law firm. The Guard Post happens to abut the back of  our property.
  The house is roomy. It is affordable. The owner will be putting in a new kitchen and remodeling the two baths. 
Its going to be OK! 

Really! It will be fine.... eventually....
I'm sure of it... 
(and you may have noticed I did not post pictures of the kitchen and baths! You'll thank me for it!)


Betty said...

I can only imagine, after seeing that partial picture of the bathroom....
But I agree, I think it´s a good house and with work, you´ll have it looking livable in no time.
When do you move?

Kathy said...

Finally! I think it will be really nice after all the work!!! It looks like Clint is ready to go! I'm glad you finally have it and now you know what you need to do! Congratulations!

Linda said...

I'll bet the armed guards were the deciding factor!

julie said...

With some work, I think it looks promising. Certainly nicer than a couple of the other places you've shown. I really liked the one your daughter will be renting - just gorgeous!

Findalis said...

May you have much joy and many blessings in your new home!

Just one thing, armed guards? Are you sure you are not moving to Beirut?

redneck preacher said...

You need a goat or sheep for the grass and afterward I am sure someone has a recipe. I tried that to get rid of our excess grass and was out voted. I was thinking “big church BBQ” we got a lawnmower instead.

Congrats on the nice house.


Jackie said...

you guys can have our two window units !

marion said...

It's a nice looking place with stacks of potential. I love the fireplace and space. With a lick of paint and gaden area sorted it will be home in no time. Well done y'all :) - for finding two cool places in a town where that's almost impossible. Good pioneering and ground breaking start to your ministry.. !!!

Dani Joy said...

The yard has promise! And if you are willing to do the work and know how, I am sure it´s gonna look greaT! Congrats! look forward to the after pics!

Brooke said...

As long as the work really does get done it will be very nice.

Deep breaths. ;)

Pam said...

I can envision a very cozy, homey place! It does remind me of our Nightmare on Jean Street house! hehe

Jackie said...

I see lots of potential there! Nice yard area and I love those wood ceilings!

Debbie said...

It will be fine! You will be so pleased as you get it all fixed up:)

Gigi said...

I've been away from your blog for a long time and just recently found it again via another CBO blogger! Shame we lost our "network..." I've added you to my blogroll so I don't "lose" you again!

So...armed guards? Wow!!!!

MissKris said...

This has been like a combintion of "House Hunters International" and "Clean House" combined! I LOVE looking at other countries' architecture...thank you so much for sharing these photos. I think this most current one is a diamond in the rough...it has good 'bones' and a lot of potential. Remember me? We seem to have 'drifted' but I saw you on Betty's sidebar so thought I'd come get 'reacquainted' again.

MissKris said...

I'm putting you on my sidebar so I don't lose track of you again! :)

Carrie said...

Definite potential! I really liked the one your daughter will be renting. Nice place!

Hey, be sure to post before and after pictures of each room as you fix it up. That would be cool!

We bought a village house a few years ago, so I know how much work goes into fixing up a place. I wish you all the best!

Charles said...

I can 'see' a beautiful home hiding there. It's just gonna take a lot of blood, sweat and prayers.