Tuesday, January 15, 2008

...as the demons danced upon our roof.

Many times in the jungle one is confronted with the reality of the spirit world. I know that in our modern society, many do not believe in witches, demons, angels or even God, but this is not the case with the indian cultures. They know good and evil spirits exist and even interact with us mere humans.

The Ye'kwana culture is replete with myths and lores of the spirit world. Some are based on historical events and what their ancestors observed.

There are spirit beings as lowly as wee folk who play annoying pranks hiding things from you or troubling the hunting dogs all the way up to "Canaima" who is the embodiment of our "Boogey Man". There is the often seen "wiyu". This is a spirit which comes after someone has died and tries to trick another person into accompanying the dead one. They even have a mermaid! And don't forget the terrible" macuchis"! My children even sang a song about the macuchis to tease each other.

macuchis gonna get you if you start to pout!
The macuchis gonna get you if you don't watch out!

Whatever the case me be, I have seen and experienced things that I often do not share as I fear people will think I have lost my mind. I have seen people who were visited by Canaima appear to be in a trance and die a few days later with mysterious bruises and bleeding. I have been touched by a demon possessed person, only to wake up hours later with the print of their hand burned into my flesh. I have awakened at times with a smothering feeling of heaviness only to find my husband awake and experiencing the same. Talk about a cold chill, to wake up at night and feel as if an elephant is sitting on your chest and the night is so black you can not see your own hand, but you know there is a presence there. At times like these, the only relief comes from calling out to God !

After building our house and finally getting a small generator to replace our Coleman lanterns, we learned of an interesting event that had taken place. We learned of it in a most unusual way.

One night, we were both awoken simultaneously by a strange rustling sound which seemed to surround our house. We arose from our hammocks to investigate and found our house to be totally encircled by indians. More importantly, chirstian indians!

My husband went out side and asked what was going on. Shyly, they explained that they were watching out for us as they had observed "spirits" dancing upon our palm roof. Then they proceeded to tell us of a story that had unfolded several years before our arrival.

The old witch doctor of the village, Manweda, had snorted the hallucinogenic drug which the witch doctors use to enhance their visions, and after several hours of being in a trance, he awakened to tell the village a prophecy.

In his vision, he said he had seen a strange, strong light glowing out of a building upon the small hill which arose at the edge of the village. No one lived there and it was not even cleared yet, but he said he heard a loud noise which came from the house as well as the light.

As is often the case, the villagers discussed what this could mean and had not a clue. Until we showed up and asked if we might build our house upon that very hill. However, we only used Coleman lanterns and had no generator or loud noises coming form our house for several months.

Until that night!

The whole village, unbeknownst to us, had met to discuss if this was the fulfillment of Manweda's vision. As they ventured out to see, the unbelievers were frightened by what they saw around our house.

Spirits dancing on the roof!

The Christians feared for us and bravely decided to confront the spirits on our behalf, knowing we were not knowledgeable or aware of the great danger we were in, due to the nature of the evil demons and the fact that we were so reckless as to have built our house with HUGE windows in every room. Surely, Canaima would come for us one night!

But this night, the christians surrounded our house and joined in prayer to God for our protection. They were amazed that we could all sleep through the night with the demons dancing above our heads. We finally awoke from hearing their muffled prayers on our behalf.

As we spoke to them, we were told of the prophecy the witch doctor had made of our arrival with the lights and loud noise coming from a non-existent house on this exact spot.

Could God use a witch doctor to foretell of our coming? I don't know, but he has used stranger things...such as Balaam's donkey!

Whatever the reason, the people of ChajudaƱa had welcomed us unanimously and the new christians were greatly encouraged that we were not bothered by the spirits. Soon they were opening up their houses with larger windows to allow for better light and air flow, no longer so afraid of the spirits!

No longer were they bound in the darkness and superstition that had enslaved them and caused them to live in unhealthy smoke filled, dark houses cowering in fear!


Susan said...

Amen to that last statement, Rita! While I would probably be afraid in the situation you describe, I have no doubt that there are spirits at work in the world. I read Spirit of the Rainforest that you recommended last year, and then when I was reading my Bible the other day I saw two different passages that mentioned "the God of the spirits of all flesh" and was reminded how the Indians who could see the spirits would see that those spirits would cower down and run from the presence of the Great Spirit (I can't remember what He was called in the book). It's a joy to know that we know the God of the spirits of all flesh!

Rita Loca said...

Shoe foot!

Brenda said...

Yes, love the last paragraph. We too have had de ons on our roof. . . but greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.

Amanda said...

I almost didn't read this because I didn't want to be thinking about it late tonight. But I'm so glad I did. What an awesome story about those Christian indians surrounding your home.

Anonymous said...

I praise God for His Son who has freed us from darkness!

Rebecca said...

Praise the Lord!

Sarah Joy said...

Amen! Praise God we can rest in Him and do battle in Him also!

AmberTheBlog.com said...

Isn't God amazing? I was just talking with Aunt Pam the other day about an ensemble service in DC. This was just another stop on our travels, but it was unlike any other. After walking into the building where the church rented a room from, I was immediately sensitive to a demonic presence. Just...something wasn't right. This building was school for the learning impaired and their secular philosophies were extremely evident in the art their children produced. It made my stomach sick. My soprano, Dani, felt the same thing. It was such a spiritual battle that night! We knew Satan did not want us there, and we all prayed so much. By the end of the service, you could tell that the Spirit of God had taken its place. Too often I think we dismiss the reality of the spiritual realm: there is a battle!

Loved your post!

Avi said...

But Christian believe in a satanic Prince of Darkness so I hardly see how this is different.

Glad to hear that you'r back. At my blog, we've been having some fun discussing Christianity and the Noahide Laws. Maybe you could stop by and weigh in. Take a look at the previous posts, namely 'Noahide Laws: Idolatry' and read the comments please.

marine's words said...

Rita, come on over to my blog I have an award to give you. love you amiga, marina

Rita Loca said...

bar kochba,
Do you not believe in Satan?
Christians believe in the power of God who has defeated and vanquished our foe! He has no power over us!
I do believe the spirits and demons exist, I just am not subject to them for greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!
I have a lot to catch up on at your blog. I will try to swing by, as I always find the articles interesting.

Kristi said...

Rita, I can understand your hesitation for posting this story. But I also know that when you're dealing with witch doctors and things like that, they are opening themselves up to the demons of the flesh. I certainly believe in demons and the spirit world. I am so thankful that I am a child of God and that His HOLY SPIRIT is in me, fighting those evil spirits on a day by day, minute by minute, second by second moment!

Thanks for sharing your story.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post, Rita.I too believe in the presence of demons and those that are in opposition to the Holy Spirit. What a sense of joy I felt reading about the Christian Indians...your presence there led them to that place of peace in their hearts and lives.

Thanks for going in our place to reveal the Light that overcomes their darkness!!

MightyMom said...

well, I believe in all you said....so much so that I could not read all of your post. Sorry, but I must sleep tonight.................

love to you!

Unknown said...

The thing I've always loved most about this particular experience with you all is the power and strength of the Christian Indian's testimonies. What a blessing!

I know that God has saved me and I am indwelled by the Holy Spirit, therefore, Satan cannot touch me, Praise the Lord! However, he is real. I remember mom and dad having a similar experience as you mentioned in this post. Both woke up unable to catch a good breath. The room felt heavy upon them. They began to plead the blood of Jesus, after which, dad had the strength to get up and throw open the drapes, the street light flooded the room with light. A few days later, a neighbor who had been in our church service the Sunday prior to this, admitted that she had tried to put a hex on them due to her disagreeing with dad's sermon. He had preached against horoscopes and the like. Do you remember that Rita?

Beemoosie said...

Prayer is a mighty mighty weapon!

Brooke said...

That is an amazing story, JM!

WomanHonorThyself said...

hopefully they are only good spirits!..heh

Rita Loca said...

I remember the neighbor but not that event. Remember, I'm MUCH younger than you, HAHAHA!

Teresa Maynard said...

I believe wholeheartedly in demonic spirits. My acceptance of my savior's gift was preceded by visible demons. I prayed the sinner's prayer and kept right on praying--the demons gradually disappeared and were replaced with angels. Such a wonderful feeling. Don't ever hesitate about telling us your stories, I so love reading them.

Nicholas Z. Cardot said...

That is an amazing testimony. Once I started, I couldn't stop reading. Praise God for his protection and guidance. I loved reading this! I will most definitely be linking to this article! I want as many people as possible to read this!

~*♥Verja♥*~ said...

Oh, I'll believe it. I was there. Nothing new here.

It did make chills return to me, tho.

I miss Chajurana. It was awesome. Even though spirits danced upon our roof.


~*♥Verja♥*~ said...

Hey, Mom!

We should start our own line of Horror stories. I am sure Frank Peretti would love to use some of our experiences.


Love yoU!

~~Deby said...

I think that this post is a bit of a challenge to us to be careful..
as American Christians..we don't think this happens here...YET...do we not only as people have either the Holy Spirit, or the alternative....satan...I won't even capitalize his name...one or the other...so ...if people are being controlled by the other or his cohorts...is there not evil..even here in different versions in America...
I am not looking for a demon in every corner..and do not think Christians can be possessed..but attacked and opressed are different....???Enlighten me..please...

btw..we have a few of our own stories from living in Turkey...a Islamic country

TO BECOME said...

Great post and testimony. I have heard from Missionaries in Mexico of other such happenings. The devil is most certainly alive and well. I am so very thankful that you all had the protection of God on your lives. Have a good day, Dear Rita. connie from Texas

Miriam said...


I got here from JunglePop. What a great story!! Having grown up in a Missionary family and being on the mission field myself, I am VERY familiar with stories like these.

Thanks for posting it!

Avi said...

Rita, Jews don't believe in Satan being an adversary of G-d. Jews believe that G-d created the Satan to tempt people but that he does the will of G-d, just as a prosecutor is not evil but somply does the will of the court. The idea of something having an independent will than G-d and fighting against Him is idolatrous.

"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. (Isaiah 45:7)

Miriam said...

Rita, thanks for coming by MY blog! I love to get comments and hear from new people!

My parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, were (and still are) missionaries in the Philippines. I also have family in Kenya, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait! Needless to say, family reunions are few and far between!

I myself, in addition to the Philippines, have worked in Hong Kong and Australia. Not exactly the "jungle" like you, but sometimes the city can be a "jungle" in it's own sense!

I have ALWAYS wanted to visit South America, so I am looking forward to keeping up with you and your adventures!

Rita Loca said...

I think we may be trying to say the same thing, but from very different angles.
Satan was created by G-d, rebelled against G-d, and must even have his permission to act, such as seen in the book of Job.
Satan is not another "force" or god, but a created being who wishes for our destruction, which is why we call him our adversary.
We believe that Satan will one day be destroyed along with the demons.

Anonymous said...

Wow what an awesome testimony of the power of prayer. What a mighty God we serve.Once I started reading this post I wasn't able to stop.

MissKris said...

And I 're-found' YOU! Oh, I can so relate to demons! After spending all of my teen years immersed in the occult and satanism before I became a Christian at the age of 22, I can attest to the fact that demons ARE real. The church I belong too made a tract of my conversion with a little 'past history' in it about my involvement in the "Dark World" and I've been told it's used widely in our faith thruout the Caribbean and other places where voodoo especially is practiced. I don't come from a Christian background and was told by my parents if I wanted a spiritual life I'd have to go find it on my own. What a roundabout way I found my Lord!

Webutante said...

The power of prayer and putting on the Armor of God is incredibly powerful against satanic forces. Great story, Rita.

Anonymous said...

When I was going through my grandmother's papers after her death, I found a newsletter from a missionary in Bolivia written in the 1940s. The missionary was in a jungle area, similar to where you were in Venezuela.
The missionary talked of the "noisy native tongue" of the people he was trying to convert.
In the postings on your blog about your experience in the jungle, I have never detected the condescending tone that I picked up from that newsletter.
In this posting, while you may disagree with some of what the locals are doing, the respect you have for them shines through.
No "noisy native tongue" for you!

BTW, my attempts to try to speak Guarani were short and unsuccessful. I would label Guaruani a "difficult for the gringo native tongue."

Rita Loca said...

Thanks for stopping by. We had a wonderful relationship with the Ye'kwana people.
My daughter is studying guarani. she says it is very similar to Ye'kwana in grammar and phonetics, hopefully, that will give us a head start!

Avi said...

JM: I want to apologize if you offended you on my blog. I originally invited you for your input when the debate was civil but it quickly degenerated into name-calling. Here's the comment that I left for you about saying that man's name and about sharing our faith:

The reason that I don't spell out his name but rather use JC is because the Torah forbids us to mention the name of false gods and since I clearly believe him to be one, I am loathe to say that name.

Go ahead, share your faith. But I will answer you. The problem is that all too often, the missionizing is to ignorant Jews who know nothing about Judaism and are easily confused. Try proselytizing in Crown Heights, Boro Park, Meah Shearim. You will find that it will not be so easy with Jews who know their Judaism. And I do hope that you will continue to read my blog as I will continue to read yours.

Sarah Halter said...

I'm glad you shared this story, because in the U.S. we are so unaware of the spiritual realm. I remember a graduate student from Ghana who came to my college and was so shocked to see such an absence of the spiritual world and said that we had replaced the spiritual with the material.

I think I really began to appreciate the power of demons the first time I was in Kenya. My neighbor, who is an amazing godly man, was telling me about how he had not shaved his head with the rest of his family when his father died, not because he didn't believe in the demons, but because he knew that Jesus was so much more powerful and is triumphant over the demons. I think that's what began to open my eyes and I am so much more aware now of the spiritual battle raging around me.

It's interesting now, working in Detroit where satan has many deep strongholds, to see how much more I have to learn in this area but also to see how powerful and amazing our God is. I've seen transformation and freedom from bondage in people's lives that my limited mind would have never thought possible. Man, our God is amazing.

Rita Loca said...

I don't mind the JC so much as the jeezus.
If you feel ignorance is the reason Jews convert to Christianity you should educate them and not bash those who are sharing something we sincerely believe.
I will continue to read your blog as I do learn very much from you!
One thing I have noticed is the habit you and other Jews have of learning a bit about Christianity and then lumping all of Christ's followers into one group. We are all not the same and have great differences both in doctrine and history.
For instance, Martin Luther, a great reformer, had no love for us Baptist either, he killed many of us also. So when someone compares me to Luther, it would be akin to you being compared to a crusader!

Joe Gringo said...


along with your book, make sure get a movie deal going as well!

Miriam said...

Sarah, you are so right!!

Anonymous said...

WOW, what a post... As Christians when confronted with satan, prince of darkness or whatever name you want to put on him we must always remember to keep our heads about us and plead the protection of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.. Aren't we sooooo glad that the demon spirt and the Holy Spirit cannot occupy the same place at the same time and that the Holy Spirit overtakes the demon spirt/darkness/satan EVERY TIME... NO EXCEPTIONS. Praise be to GOD and those Indian Christians standing over you protecting you until you were awake and able to call up HIM youself... Your story reminds me of an experience my wife and I had in Houston, Tx some 15 year ago. We had a hard time buying this house that we felt the Lord had meant for us to buy, but we finally did but not until we had discovered there was a ring of burns in the carpet in the living room. The house had been vandalized prior to our arrival but not repaired and so we had surmized a seonce(can'spell) had occured so we drove the demons from every room,closet,bathroom storage, garage and lot... After that we were able to buy and used the house for all kinds of church meetings, some fun, some study et..and we called it the House God gave us as we purchased it for only $2000 more than the bankruptcy price that was owed on the house and in an area we were unable to afford except thru his GRACE... DON'T WE SERVE AN AWESOME GOD.... Don, Penless writers friend

Susan said...

Rita, I am so glad you posted this. We Christians need to get our heads out of the sand and face truth. There are demons and the ones we encounter here in the U.S. are more refined but just as real. I found the comment from one who said materialism has replaced demons to be a thought worth pondering. A subject that needs a lot more exposure.

I so appreciate you and the stance and truth that you uphold.

Anonymous said...

What an amzing story...and an amazing life you live!
I just found your blog, and I'll definitely be back frequently!

Wings As Eagles said...

JM: Just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for you and your family. I am a new reader to your site as I have visited just a few times, but this story has impressed me to pray all the more for you. Even though I am a missionary wife in Northern Ireland, we too deal with much satanic oppression here and the sad part is many don't even realize it. I see God's hand of protection on our lives here.

Deborah said...

Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Too many Christians dismiss demonic activities and sometimes choose not to believe it exists at all. How does one ward-off an enemy unless one knows his enemy and knows what he can use in the heat of battle? Putting on the armor of God was not a suggestion, but an absolute necessity in standing against the wiles and outright attacks of the devil (Ephesians 6:11-18)!


Anonymous said...

I have demons on m y roof also. They come around 3 AM. How do you get rid of them? I pray and have battled them only in certain locations before; although, the roof is hard to get too.

God Bless