Monday, January 21, 2008

A Confession...

It's really quite embarrassing!
I mean, I doubt many other people do it! It seems a bit ...morbid. I can't seem to help myself. I wonder if there is some kind of a program to help people like me. I wonder if there are any other people like me!

My name is Jungle Mom,

and I read...

Dead Bloggers!

I'm not sure how it started! I never meant to do it.
But, I do... I read the blogs of dead people!
No... really, I have... it is very interesting!
A British soldier who died in WW1, the first American missionary to the Native American Indians, David Brainard.
So... how do I get over this kind of thing???

WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier

Also, I was tagged for three awards which I have not had the chance to acknowledge. And these ones are from living people, I think. I have never actually met any of them, I guess they could be some kind of cyber ghosts or something...

The first was given to me by Barbara at Stray Thoughts!

And more recently Marina at Daughter of the King awarded my with:

I also was picked by the Baptist Muse for the Watchman Award.

The Baptist Muse

You can head over and pick up one of his buttons and gain points for a give away!

Now I would like to share some of my daily reads with you all!
These ones are also alive!
I have met a few of them in the flesh, so, yes, they are alive!

A friend in Paraguay:
Brendas Blog

An adult MK from Venezuela:
El Burro de Barinas

A blogger in Kuwait:
Thursday's Musings

A 100% Choctaw, 100% American:
The Local Malcontent

A blogger in the 10/40 window:

From Nigeria:
A Home Away From Home

From a friend in Canada:

A good ol' American boy:
The Simple Scholar

An American living in Jerusalem:
Good News From A Far Country

So why not take a tour around the world via these bogs!


AB5SY said...

I am thinking of buying a 1992 series Venezuela 100 Bolivares note on ebay for my world currency collection. It will cost me $2.99 plus $1.50 S/H. Should I buy or wait for a better deal?

Rita Loca said...

The note you mention is no longer printed. Chavez has just changed all currency to the new Bolivar Fuerte. The Bs. 100 note had not been in circulation for a very long time. The current exchange $1.oo is Bs. 5200. Of course, it is illegal to refer to it at all as the "official" exchange is Bs.2100.
The new B.F. is $1- Bf.52, drop two zeros.

WomanHonorThyself said...

congrads on the well deserved awards!!

Brenda said...

Thanks for mentioning me!

It never even occurred to me that we could read dead bloggers. . . I will have to think on that a little while ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm very much alive so far. :-)

I enjoy reading biographies and autobiographies, too.

Anonymous said...

Well, I did not know there were sites for these dearly deceased....I will read them...

My family thinks I am morbid b/c I always read the obituaries in the paper first!! (usually that, the comics and on Sunday the coupons)...I have been known to glance to the World News Page occasionally!!)

AHHH .....a kindred spirit!!

Gayle said...

LOL, Rita! I don't have a cure for your malady. :) I don't think there's any real harm in it though... after all, they didn't write those posts after they died! Come to think of it, if they did, I'd be addicted to them myself. :)

Brooke said...

Dead bloggers? What will they think of next?

The Local Malcontent said...

I am humbled to be considered among your 'must reads' list, with these others, Jungle Mom.

Now that means that I must begin making sense....LOL

Thank you~!

Unknown said...

Dead bloggers? How does that work? I guess I need to take my chances and link to them from here!! LOL Has anyone told you lately that you are "CRAAA-SEEEE"??(Think in Nacho Libre's accent)

I'm happy to say I have knowledge of a few of these blogs mentioned here, but will now rush over to the new ones you mentioned! Especially the Chictaw one!

Oh almost forgot, Congrats on all your awards.

Unknown said...

oops, I meant Choctaw!!

Thursday's Child said...

My mom always reads the obits first thing in the morning. If she's not in them she puts on her face and gets dressed.