Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I have been on a quest

I have been totally wrapped up in some reading. I am on a China kick. It all started when my son in law loaned me THIS book. Which meant I had to read THIS one, too.

I begged my husband to order THIS one. It was written by a third generation missionary kid who was born and raised in China, and that left me to needing to read THIS one as well, written by his daughter. All of that made me want to re-read THIS one with a new perspective.

So that's where I have spent my Christmas break, how about you? Been on any adventures via text lately?


Anonymous said...

Lmao, Rita please visit my site and read the post on the porn industry.

Christopher Hamilton
The Right Opinion, for the Right Wing

Findalis said...

Just started to read Josephus. I got a pretty good English translation on sale. And am studying the Torah as well.

Charles said...

I love some aspects of their culture. And the food. Yes !! A lot of our childhood was spent in Asia including Hong Kong and Taipei so I guess it's natural.

I saw the video 1421 I need to read the book.

Yes I read on "Kicks" like that at times. My problem is I tend to read several things at the same time. Tonight I am finishing-up the Book of Mark and I have been reading a GREAT book "" Also I have just started a new history of the U.S. Civil War submarine the H.L. Hunley. And I finished just last night "Alaska" by James Michener.

See what I mean

The Local Malcontent said...

Sounds like interesting reading~ glad you enjoyed it, JMom.

Yeah, I've been on an adventure lately.... back home from it now.

Unknown said...

Intriguing! I've never considered this subject! Wish I had time to read them. I'm not a speed reader like you and I can't concentrate if a t.v. or noise is on in the house, or if someone is talking ot someone else. I usually read outside on the patio alone or in my bathroom with the fan running to block out noises! Could you share highlights here on your blog and educate me?

Anonymous said...

I still can suggest many more China Books to you. I think, I'm an expert on it. hahaha Jennifer (Wiens Worlds sister)

Rita Loca said...

That is amazing!

Josephus is an interesting read, for sure.

My husband does the same thing. He right now has 5 books on his bedside table. If I try to put them away, he gets annoyed as he is reading them all. And then there are more on his desk.I use to enjoy reading Michner's books and owned several, but they were left behind in the jungle.

You are back! Yippee and congrats!

Interesting reading habits, lol!

Please do suggest more books.

JD said...

China Road is great, so is Oracle Bones. River Town is an interesting read. China Wakes by Kristoff is amazing. Whatever you think of his political leanings, he's a scholar and really has a heart for the Far East. He won a Pulitzer for his coverage of Tianamen Square in '89 - well, to be fair he and his wife shared the Pulitzer, and a lot of his books are collaberative with his wife, Sherly WuDunn. Thunder From the East is another one of their amazing books. I'm a big fan of Kristoff, there's bias for you.

Anonymous said...

There's not a thing wrong with spending some time in reading. It's good escapism and helps with stress.

I spent a lot of time in the P.I., Okinawa, Japan but never made it to China.

MightyMom said...

Thesaurus Thursday 2009, you and yours come on by here and play for awhile!

Rita Loca said...

Thanks for the titles! I will add them to my wish list. I do have a birthday coming up so I will nudge my family over here to read your suggestions, hehehe.

That's right, I forgot you spent time over there. I have seen your book collection so I know you would approve of reading.

YIPPEE! I've missed Thesaurus Thursday!!!

Brenda said...

I am sure Bob is going to want to borrow these books!

Anonymous said...

You are such a curious student of cultures, and living in those cultures with those peoples!!

You have only resided in Paraguay for such a short being the student you are, give it a short few months, and you will be just as the peoples there are!!

Amazing fascination of China. Do you get the newsletter fromt he friends that resided across from you here in the USA? You can message on FB and I can provide the link as I see updates! They have a new daughter born in Nov.
The other is becoming proficient at the language there, and many are joing with them or talking about their passion!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Rita, Thanks for mentioning my book Secret Maps of the Ancient World and also my abridgement of The Asiatic Fathers of America. May I suggest Faith of Our Fathers: God in Ancient China.
I have only seen it available through The Chinese history in that book pretty much parallels what I wrote about in Secret Maps. Especially that at 2000 B.C. Chinese were very capable people. There also is some awe inspiring information in that book - especially in the end when the author talks about the history of Chinese astronomy and makes reference to the star of Bethlehem and astronomical occurences at the death and resurrection.



P.S. If you want to write back please do so on the e-mail on my website which I see you have found. I don't usually check blogs.