Friday, January 16, 2009

Personal Update

At the end of the year, we were able to see three new converts baptized. This was our first baptism in Paraguay, so it was special for us. We held the morning service outside at facility the church uses for picnics and such and also has a small pool to use as a baptistery. My husband preached and Missionary John Lennon baptized the new believers. The attendance was 120.

After the service, my son in law and a deacon began grilling A LOT of hamburgers for the lunch, which was followed by a soccer match, of course. Paraguayans have to have an 'asado' (grill) and they have to play soccer to celebrate anything! It was a fun time for all the people, young and old.

My husband has been doing a lot of marital counseling and teaching. I am starting to teach a Sunday School class on Sunday mornings. Jayde continues to sing with the choir and has done a few specials as well as sing the song she wrote herself for Christmas. Jewel works in the nursery a lot and is discipling another teenage girl.

My husband started language school and is studying Guarani. The only other student in his class is Japanese.

Youth camp starts tonight. Schools are out on their summer vacation and children's camp just finished. My two girls are excited as this is their first camp in Paraguay. Lots of packing today. So difficult to know just which outfits to take you know!!!

As for me, I have had a bad week with a my back and sciatica. No real medication so I have felt it all and have been hindered in my mobility. I am starting to feel better...I think. I also started a new diet and am happy with the results so far having lost 4 kilos in less than a month including the holidays.

Having had to spend quite a bit of time in bed with this pain, I started watching the series Star Gate on dvd. Oh dear! I love Sci-fi and I never saw these so... I am also doing a lot of reading but have not been able to use the computer too much. It is difficult for me to sit when I have sciatica. Some of you may have seen that I have not been around to visit your blogs lately, this is why. I'll catch up later.

In spite of not leaving the house much this week, I have, managed to learn a few interesting things about Paraguay.
Frogs have curative values!(Keepin' Sane with Littles)

It hailed in Paraguay this week!
(Hagermans on a MISSION!)

Chocolate chips were discovered to be in a store in AsunciĆ³n!!!(but they are not to be used for cookies! The clerk says they are only for sweet bread!)

Guarani grammar is a lot like Ye'kwana but sounds like Sanema.

Oliver Stone came to town and met with President Lugo.

We need rain in the Chaco and the headlines say the Iguassu falls are lacking water.

Lots of boys are text messaging my daughters trying to get them to go to the banquet with them at camp! I am tired of text messages.

Ex-pat Paraguayan Blogger Bash!

I also was given this award by a new friend. I was able to meet Betty last month when a group of ex-pat bloggers got together at Brenda's house. We had so much fun. It was like we already knew one another from our blogs. She is a Canadian living in the Chaco.

Pray for a good time for the kids at camp,pray for my husband as he studies. I hope to be able to study after the school year. I have to Home School and do not think I can do them both at the same time. Pray for my health and the ministries here.

And pray for Israel!


Betty said...

I will keep you in my prayers and hope you are feeling better soon!
I´m glad your girls are going to the summer camps. They are a lot of fun and mine always loved going.

Brenda said...

We keep busy, don't we?

I wonder if its easier for the Japanese man to learn Guarani?

Sorry about your back? Do massages help?

Harry said...

Wow, you're busy. but you'd better take care of that back of yours. I skimmed your Algerian commenter's comments. The JVP would love her, much to their discredit. She's caught in that same alternate reality.

Unknown said...

Glad you're feeling better!

I know the girls will have a blast at camp and fit in well. They always do. I wonder who the lucky guys will be to gain the chance to escort one of them to the banquet? lol
Soccer is a must in any Mexican celebration too!

Loved the personal update!

We were all busy packing to day it seems! Shane is spending the weekend with your Josh and Naomy, as I'll be between the hospital and mom's house since dad's surgery is Sat. morning. Agustin has to work and Josh has his annual alumni breakfast and basket ball game!! I"m so thankful your son and his little wife are so willing to stand in the gap!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better. I know your back was hurting you, too.

I wanted to let you know that poor little Leah Friedman was having open heart surgery, and had a stroke. She is in a coma now. I just found out a few minutes ago when I went by her blog. Her dad is an Israeli tank commander but they brought him home on emergency leave, he wrote a post. It's really sad.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

It sounds like you folks are very busy down there. When do you find time to sleep?

I am glad to hear that all is going well. My prayers are with you all.

Z said...

I just wish I could meet you!

And I hope you're feeling MUCH better very soon. xxx

MightyMom said...

I like the new pic much better! 4 kilos is great!!