Monday, July 20, 2009

The deer god

One of our concerns in the jungle was making sure we had enough protein in our children's diet. In the early years, before the solar panels, generators and battery powered refrigerator, we were constantly searching and trading with the Indians for fresh meat and fish.

One meat that the Indians were usually interested in trading with us was liver. Deer liver and tapir liver. We were glad to get it! We always pretended it was STEAK! The most yummy, prized, sought after cut of meat in the jungle! OH ,yes, my children, you get to eat LIVER! Poor children in America rarely have this opportunity! Aren't you all lucky! WOO HOO!

Since my kids were really isolated in the jungle...the ruse worked! They all ate liver with gusto! But our favorite was deer liver as it was more tender.

One day, Jorge arrived and asked if we liked liver. My husband assured him that we liked liver very much. Then, dear hubby said, in very clear Ye'kwana, " We love to eat deer liver! Our children all love to eat deer liver. Can we buy or trade for some of your deer liver????"

Jorge, opened his eyes and repeated, "Deer liver?"

Hubby says, "Oh yes! We would be glad to trade whatever you might need, for some of your deer liver for our children."

Unfortunately, the Ye'kwana word for 'DEER' is 'CAWAADI' and the Ye'kwana word for 'GOD' is 'WANAADI'. Very similar to a new language learner.

My husband had been asking to purchase a bit of 'God's' liver for our children to eat!

Wanaadi...Cawaadi.. God ...deer... a big difference!


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

LOL Ohhh... this sort of thing is why we pray for missionary families... so they don't get their rear ends kicked over misunderstandings. Siigh. :P

Anonymous said...

That sounds like it had the makings of a very serious misunderstanding...

Kimberly said...

Do they still enjoy liver?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you weren't eating people liver? I'd be leery of eating anything those folks hauled up out of the jungle. They seem to have pretty eclectic tastes.

MightyMom said...

ummm, opps?

Siberia Tom said...

Oh those poor children, Ours loved Broccoli but didn't like Cauliflower. Whala the stores then had white Broccoli. They loved it.