Friday, July 31, 2009

I bet you have never seen this before....

Walking a turtle on a leash

In the jungle Jayde had pet turtles. This one is Franklin. He was not named for the cartoon character Franklin the Turtle, but rather President Franklin Roosevelt. We were studying FDR in history class at the time and this turtle had a bum leg for awhile.

Franklin and Jayde went everywhere together.
Quite a sight!


MightyMom said...

that doesn't look like it was taken in the jungle though!

how long did she have him?

tortoises can live a long long time.

Rita Loca said...

MM< It is in my back yard of the jungle hut. Took me 10 years to get it level and with grass. I brought plants in from the jungle and planted them as well. I wish I had a picture of my orchids.

Findalis said...

Why not? I do believe many cities in the US have "Leash Laws".

Glenn B said...

In all the years that I have kept such critters this is the first time I have ever seen anyone with a leash on a turtle/tortoise.

Susan Holt Simpson said...

Hahaha - that is so cute! Her face makes the photo. It looks like a turtle is a patient pet---

Anonymous said...

Look's like David's sling to me.


Grace Sanchez (Vnzla.) said...

ha i remember Franklin or at least one of those pet turtles one of them stayed a week at my house in a purple aquarium type thing!
~Grace Sanchez (Vnzla.)

Rita Loca said...

Findalis, true, true!

Glenn,I know, my kids are...creative.

Sweet Annabelle, She really loved the turtle. Sadly he died from too much sun once while be cared for by an indian friend. very , very sad!

Anonymous, I don't get it.

grace, Oh that's right! She did take it when she stayed with you. i think that was once of the smaller ones though.

Betty W said...

Looks like she was really enjoying her pet!
I like your grass too! So green!
Unlike what it looks like here right now!

Harry said...

I bet Franklin was good for taking nice, slow, relaxing walks.

Always On Watch said...

Factoid about me: Ever since I was a toddler, I have LOVED turtles! More importantly, turtles love ME. When I go to the zoo and visit the area where the tortoises are, they come to me without my making any effort to get them to do so. Zoo personnel comment on this unusual bond that I have for turtles.

I can't count the numbers of box turtles I've had as pets. I always released them in late August. One box turtle we had -- a small female -- came back every summer for her treats. Box turtles love raw hamburger!

Rita Loca said...

Betty, I miss all the green and the river!

Harry, Fr and faster than I thought a turtle could be!

AOW, My youngest daughter is the same way! She can actually cuddle a turtle. I don't know how but she has a way with them.

Always On Watch said...

I think that the key is body odor. Turtles have strong sense of smell.

firepig said...

so cute!!!

There was a vet in Caracas whose specialty was curing turtles- they often fell off the balconies of the apartment buildings and damaged their shells.

The turtles i remember from my children's childhood: Mary and Pepero were small water turtles who lived at school, and then there was the gigantic Galapagos that they used to ride like a horse.

I never saw snapping turtles in Venezuela, I wonder if there are any?