Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Really random

 ~We discovered the world's largest Twinkie is made daily here in a Chinese bakery! Aren't you jealous?

~ Went to my favorite store in Ciudad del Este yesterday, the paint store. They know us by name, know what colors we bought previously, and serve us coffee and cookies!

~ Jayde chose TURKISH TILE and PICKED PLUM for her bedroom. She and her dad are painting it, part of her vo-tech training, right???? I am going with Robin's Egg Blue and Tangerine in the kitchen.

~ We had 16 for our home Bible study on Sunday evening. It was fun to have everyone here at my house but if we keep growing we will outgrow my living room soon.

~Heard Elena speaking Spanish to her new little friend at church. The little girl answered back in Portuguese or as Elena says, 'PORKY CHEESE'.

~ Had lunch with the 'Queen of England' and her husband, 'Prince Charming'. They have been such a blessing and help to us since we arrived here.

 ~ Had to turn the AC on, hard to believe we were freezing a few weeks ago!

~ Figured out what to get my son in law for his upcoming birthday so that I can borrow it from him...

~ Have decided  I must study Portuguese as it is not an option in this city.

~Finished reading "The Tomb of the Inflatable Pig". I would not have believed half of the things in the book if I did not live here myself.  Also finished reading "The Empress of South America; The Life Story of Eliza Lynch" and I am still plodding through "Yo, El Supremo".

~I keep walking into the office to use the treadmill...but it is unplugged...seems like WAY too much effort to have to bend down to plug it in...


Z said...

blue/tangerine.I LOVE THAT. Post pix!

Betty W said...

The Queen of England and Prince Charming? I need to meet them. :)
Elena is too cute! I guess she could teach you some "porky cheese" .

The Queen of England said...

The pleasure is TOTALLY ours! - Your tribe coming to sling your hammocks in CDE has blessed us out of our flip flops.

One day Betty - one fine sunny happy day !

Brenda said...

I've always wanted to learn porky cheese as well. And Chinese.

Love the little tidbits!

Brooke said...

Elena sounds CUTE! :)

Twinkies are only good out of the freezer. Do they make a fridge big enough for it?

Gringo said...

"Tomb of the Inflatable Pig:" Thanks for the tip. Good on you for reading those books. You're getting to know Paraguay in all its dimensions. You'll be speaking Guarani in no time! [I found it difficult to pronounce, so I never progressed to learning it.]

Jeanne said...

Are you in Ciudad del Este? If so, I totally get the need for portuguese :)

Jeanne said...

Cool! I lived in Luue for 6 months in 1993. I did volunteer work with street kids at Don Bosco Roga in Asuncion for part of that time.