Friday, October 29, 2010

Have You Ever?

Listened to the sound of rain falling upon a palm roof?


Heard the songs of howler monkeys in the jungle?


Seen a sky only God could paint?

Watched the majestic macaw soar overhead?

Fallen asleep to the sound of the river flowing past your window?

Swam beneath the spray of a waterfall that has no name?


Listened to the thunder roll across the jungle, and heard the voice of God?

Followed the tracks of a jaguar down to the creek,
hoping to catch a peek?

Walked under a moon so bright, it cast your shadow at mid night?

Stand under the jungle canopy, looking up...and see no sky?

Felt the sun beat upon you as you paddle down stream
in a dugout canoe?

Loved a child with dark, black, shiny eyes?

Swam in a current that nearly takes you away?


Eaten a sun ripened pineapple, straight from the garden?


Held the hand of a tribesman, and truly felt him to be your brother?

Smelled the smoke of a camp fire, hours before you arrive?

Been held in the embrace of an Indian grandmother, 
who "rocks" away your pain?

Eaten a fish that was swimming only moments ago?

 Had your face lovingly painted in onoto, and felt beautiful?

Had to leave it all, not knowing when , or if you would see them again?

I would like to thank  the Venezuelan jungle missionaries who have contributed  these photos. All photos are original to Jungle Mom, Don Arnold, Mike Dawson, Pastor Von, Micah Jank, and Jonathan Reed.


redneck preacher said...

And Heaven will be better. Good post

Mountain Mama said...

I have not experienced these things and some I would not want to. I don't need a peek at a jaguar.
You certinly have had some unique experiences. Your pictures are wonderful.
It seems you planted deep roots in the jungle.

Anonymous said...

Don says, Done a few of these but never in the jungle. God's Paintings... Yes in New Mexico in the summer...You know without doubt that ONLY GOD could have painted it.... The red Macaw is beautiful and was wondering if it is chasing the boy or just playing with him? Yes I have been put to sleep beside the bubbling river in Idaho most peaceful. I have swam beneath a named waterfall in Oklahoma, called Turner falls but never under an unnamed one. I would have liked to have been with you to take the Jaguar picture... the only tracks I have ever followed are rabitt tracks in the snow and cow tracks look for the lost one.. also have done that fresh fish thing too but not the size in the picture...

I agree with redneck preacher and mountain mama... Heaven can be on earth too if you will look for it and the more undisturbed the spot the more like heaven it probably is.

Your postings over time prove your love for the jungle spot and for the people there... GOD BLESS


Betty W said...

Some I have experienced, but most not. I know they have formed you. You must miss Venezuela so much!

kuyr53e said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

groovyoldlady said...

I have never loved any place I've been so much that I longed to go back. You are very blessed!

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing such a Blessed life!

Gigi said...

Some yes, most no...and definitely NOT the jaguar thing! Don't they eat people?! I don't think I'd go off looking for one of them because while I was tracking him, he'd probably be stalking ME!!

Jewelia said...

Some of these I have experienced and many more I would like to. Just have to be content in waiting for God to lead.

Speedy G said...

Don't forget to VOTE to RESTORE SANITY in Washington DC this Tuesday!

Unknown said...

Hey, I recognize that place! Love you and am proud to have served in the Amazonas with you. Es una tragedia lo que esta pasando, pero Dios esta en control. We would love to go back if it opens up and MAF would agree. We're enroute to Oaxaca, Mexico for now. God bless you!

Unknown said...

Love you!

Kathy said...

What a beautiful post!!! Thanks to you and the others for the beautiful pics. We'll be praying for the lovely people you had to leave behind. Have a great week!

firepig said...

Hay Rita, que puedo decir ?You know how I feel.

I only did a few of these things, but I would venture to say, it is not so much about having done anything, but rather how these things became a part of you.

Venezuela is a combination of the most miraculous with some of the darkest.Those of us who became a part of it, will never get it out of our system.And why should we?Especially the beautiful parts.

What are a few of the things I have in my heart?

The guacharacas waking me at morn,the sound of a mango dropping to the ground outside my bedroom window, rushing to my mother in law's house at midnight on New Year's Eve, singing the endless rounds of small town songs,roller skating on Xmas,the Easter procession in El Tigre,my aunt smoking a tobacco with the fire turned inwards,my gardener curing me of a Mapanare bite with prayers.So many things touched me like in no other place...and sometimes I think I will never see it again, but it will never leave my heart.

Gringo said...

The red Macaw is beautiful and was wondering if it is chasing the boy or just playing with him?

The bird is his pet, as discussed in a previous posting.

.. rushing to my mother in law's house at midnight on New Year's Eve..

I spent New Year’s Eve in Venezuela at the home of a fellow employee’s mother in law. He was out on the rig, but I and another employee were still welcomed into the house. The next day, when a cousin asked me what town I was from in my state of origin, I gave my standard reply: “It’s a small town. You wouldn’t have heard of it.”

“Is it anywhere near… ?”

When she said that, I immediately knew whom she was talking about. A guy a year behind me in my high school had gone to Venezuela in the Peace Corps after getting his degree. He married a Venezuelan, stayed in Venezuela after his hitch with the Peace Corps was finished, and later died in a motorcycle accident in Venezuela. As I surmised when the cousin gave the name of the town where I attended a regional high school, the cousin had known my schoolmate and his wife.

Small world, at times.

Gringo said...

A snarky political point follows. Libs claim that those on the other side of the aisle are rigid, close-minded, not open to different points of view and not adaptable to different experiences. Moreover, they will come up with any number of half-baked "research studies" to support this point of view.

It is evident from this and numerous other postings that Jungle Mom adapted very well to the jungle and was very open to the points of view of those already living in the jungle- without abandoning her own core beliefs.

But I don't believe that Jungle Mom is a lib.

Laura Parker @ Life Overseas said...

Wow, what a great post and what beautiful pictures! What an exciting life, right? Honestly, I am in Thailand now working with orphans with my own three kids and your post made me remember that while my kids may "miss" some things in the States, they will see a lot of other amazing things in our own jungle here.

I am putting together a blog and have lots of info. about missionary living/life overseas. I'd love for you to have a look and be a voice over there, if you have time!

Again, thanks for the great pics and the awesome reminder!

Love in Christ, from Thailand,


Bob's Blog said...

Thank you for this wonderful post.

Amrita said...

Greetings from India.

This is a remarkble post.

I am drawn to your blog