Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Sweep away the Flaws

This broom was photographed by my oldest daughter and it does indeed serve it's intended purpose. It is mainly used as an outdoor broom to clean patios and yards. I have noticed that Paraguayans tend to keep a very neat yard even when they live in a humble home.

While mentioning this to my neighbor, she shared a Guarani 'wives tale' with me. It seems that the mothers and grand mothers are always telling the young girls to do a thorough sweeping of the yard, porch, and house.

This sweeping needs to be done in a methodical, meticulous manner because it will effect the future of the young lady. A girl needs to be extremely cautious while sweeping so as not to leave behind any litter or dust bunnies because each one left behind represents a flaw in her future husband.

So a lazy, careless girl will undoubtedly end up married to a man with many character flaws, where as a diligent girl will find herself betrothed to a nearly flawless man.

No wonder my neighbor's daughter gets up early and sweeps the yard almost every day. Even the sidewalk! Her husband will certainly be a saint! Personally, I am not so sure I would enjoy being married to a perfect man. I would probably leave a few dust bunnies just to make sure my future husband had a little 'rascal' left in him!


redneck preacher said...

My wife has the burden of being married to an almost perfect guy. Sometimes I mess up just to make her feel needed.

I hope none of my kids read this.


Starla said...

If I was married to a perfect man, I would feel awful all the time with not being able to measure up to him.

Sarah Joy said...

Dad, you are SOOO busted.

Kathy said...

Does this mean that Senor Topocho is really a rascal?! :) I'll be wishing your neighbor girl, "Good luck!" Have a nice day!