Friday, January 26, 2007

And Here we Go Again!!

The supreme one threaten to make the US ambassador, persona non grata. On Sunday,
we were told in English by the supreme one , "Gringo go home, go to ----". We were told to go to the "REFUSE" pile. I am trying to translate nicely, without being vulgar as he was.
He is using the same vocabulary he used right before he threw the missionaries out of the jungle. There have been rumors in the American ex-pat community of the possible closure of the US embassy in February. So far, just that, rumors. But maybe HIS Highness heard about the rumors and is choosing to be proactive and kick us all out first!
So check out the article above. And, anyone have a spare room available???


Rancher said...

My Dad said the Yankee Go Home banners appeared in France as soon as we liberated Paris. I thought Chavez hated the US government but not the people, at least that was the message he pitches to the leftist politicians and goofs like Cindy Sheehan. He even had CITGO give low cost fuel to resident in the North East US. What really is sickening is the love that man gets from the left. When news media were slamming “Big Oil” they gave CITGO a pass. More than 40% of oil company profits go to pension funds that benefit millions of retirees, a lot of the rest goes to average American investors who have placed their capital at risk. Hugo’s oil profits go to Hugo and much is spent trying to undermine the US. Yet we have this: Media criticize ‘greed’ of energy executives, but go easy on Venezuela’s oil strongman.

serendip said...

I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. God Bless you and your beautiful family.

Memories for a Lifetime said...

We will find you a room/house!!

He is a schizo.....what's the world gonna do with such a man??

Jackie said...

Plenty of room down here. Come on down!!

Jackie said...

Plenty of room down here. Come on down!!

Baptist Girl said...

Little does he know God has you there and He has you their for a pupose and you will leave no sooner then He purposes you too *S*