Thursday, January 18, 2007

Price Controls and Shortages

Chicken , sugar ,and black beans are under price control and are no longer viable for the farmers to produce. It costs more than they are allowed to make.

Chicken is going into other products such as soup and CAT food which are not price controlled.

Sugar is being sent to other countries,and white sugar is controlled. So it makes more money for the growers to sell molasses and brown sugar.

Black beans are also controlled as it is a staple so the growers are swithching to red beans.
Chicken is more available at the government store, MERCAL. B ut have LOOOONG lines.

There is a joke in spanish. What animal has the longest "tail" (cola, which also translates as a line) in the world?The answer is... Chicken at the government stores!!

I noticed a lot of little things we used to splurge on at Christmas were missing this year. Due to the drop in importations..

I expect we will see more of this.


Jackie said...

Would you like me to send you some chicken, black beans, and sugar? Oh wait...I need them to feed my FILA!!!!! Never mind!!

Pat said...

Wow---we never know how blessed the people in America are!! We even have leftovers we throw away!! (maybe we cna freeze them and send them to Jackie for Fila!!)
You should publish some more cultural letters for our enlightenment!! I enjoy getting to know the other areas (as well as their govt. policies!!)

Pam Rios said...

Thanks for the information. We are so blessed here and I hope everytime I start to complain, that I remember what the folks in many other countries are going through.