Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Venezuelans We Love

We had a fellowship meeting here at our house yesterday with many North American missionaries. We enjoyed the company and sharing time. We are all at different stages in our ministries and have different feelings on some of the happenings here.

We ALL agree things are BAD AND GETTING WORSE! But the differences are as to how bad, how much worse. It all boils down to...how much time do we as gringos have left here in the country.

Pray for us, some have been here a long time , I do believe we have been here the longest, by about 4 years. This is our twentieth year in Venezuela.

I tell my girls to try and think on the positive, so we do have good times!

One of the highlights for us last week at the retreat, where we had 20 Venezuelan pastors and their wives, was that over half of them came up to us and said things to us personally .

Things that MEANT a lot to us. Things like,"You were my first SS teacher.", "You were my counselor at camp","You baptized me","You led me to the Lord at VBS", "You taught me at the Bible Institute."

Even in hard times, GOD loves us and shows us His love through His people.


Yekwana Man said...

Brenda's, the little girl in the picture, mom told us when she heard that we would be leaving Venezuela, "I cried when i heard that Brenda's white grandparents were leaving. These aren't just people we know, but lives we love.

Pam Rios said...

This was emotional! My heart hurts for you all and for them! I know for many of them, you introduced the hope of Christ!