Sunday, January 14, 2007

A different kind of Sunday.

I woke up this morning and went to check on Jayde. She had been running a fever last night and complaining of a sore throat and scratchy eyes. Sure enough, she was still feverish.
Clint and Jewel headed to church. He brought back some chicken for lunch. PTL!!
But he was awhile in getting here , due to a lot of meetings after church about the retreat coming up.
He ate, grabbed some coffee, and will be heading out to the stadium to do Baseball Chapel. Pray that goes well as it is the last of this season.
Jewel has Womens Choir practice at 5 but a friend will pick her up. Then Clint heads to church as he is preaching the 6 o'clock service tonight. I will still be here with Jayde as she is feverish and ,grumpy! If you dont beleive me just read her blog!
At least I have been able to get some notes on paper for my classes. I have been distracted with politics!!
So I sit here trying to remember the verse in english, Hebreos 12:2 ,"Puestos los ojos en Jesus" I think it is "Fixing our eyes on Christ". My english Bible is upstairs and the power Bible program ...messes me up! The Bible is a BOOK !!!With paper pages. I dont know about the TT, Byzantine,MT, etc, but I know it is a paper book!!
Anyway, I am trying to FIX my eyes on Christ. Spent the morning doing that. I have a lot on paper for the classes. Mainly just talking points as I hope the "girls" will open up and talk themselves. And I hope Beth can be there to help me with that. ;)
I only have 2 hours of classes as Yekwanaman is doing the bulk of the teaching and we only have 2 classes with the couples seperated, but we have a planned Open Forum each night. Those are scary as it can go ANYWHERE!!!
So pray for me to be able to keep my eyes fixed on Christ as I remember all the other things I need to do also. And all the logistical details of the retreat. And the Home schooling, and the regular stuff of a house wife...
I also webcamed with LeLe. That made the day A-OK!


Ashley said...

Haha. Poor Jayde. It's so funny, when I'm sick for some reason I'm nicer than usual. LOL It must bring out the opposites of people.

I will pray for you all though, you seem to have alot going on at the moment.

Jackie said...

I guess having a sick baby is hard no matter how old the baby is!

Pam Rios said...

So true Jackie! My Josh was over Thursday night sniffling and coughing, and I found myself worrying and fretting over him. He is 19.

Pat said...

You invented multitasking!!

You will be close in prayer. I love those discussions when they are newly saved or new to church....WOW!! You have to keep drawing them back to the subject/verses!!

Poor Jayde...I know she loves church and does not want to miss it!!