Saturday, January 27, 2007

More Photos of the Retreat

Here I am with Susan Arce, working in the kitchen.

Girls will be girls! A gab fest among the wives!

Dinner Time!

The impromptu soccer game was won by the Ladies Team! Of course, the guys "played Nice"!

I know this looks like a dance but it is actually the soccer game!


Pam Rios said...

Oh how funny! It does look like they are dancing. I find it quite telling that you are not in the photo of the ladies team!hehe

Pallacanestro said...

Dancing is what they are really doing!!! I know, I saw it all lol. Really tho, soccer is geat! looks like every one was having a great time!

Jackie said...

Wish I could have gone!!!

Jackie said...

Wish I could have gone!!!

Memories for a Lifetime said...

You put your right foot take your right foot out....

Looks like FUN!!!

Glad you had such a great fellowhip time

(bet the guys were gabbing, too.) about important ministy things!!