Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My Son

My son left this morning. It was hard to see him go, but I know he is doing what he needs to be doing right now. I enjoyed seeing how he has matured and is becoming a man. I enjoyed sharing things from the Word with him. we read some C H Spurgeon together, how cool is that?!
I enjoyed his preaching with such confidence, I dont know what exactly God has in his future but I see the possibilities.
We even had a few cries together over not being able to be at home in the jungle. He never got to say goodbye to the people, no real closure and it hit him hard being here in Venezuela, at "home", but not at "home".
I thank God for the time he spent with his sisters and cousins. He is a good role model for them.
I miss him already, the house feels empty and very quiet. We will miss him and laugh at all his antics, and count the days til we see him again.
Thanks for letting me share, we had a great Christmas and New Years and we are ready for up coming events.
God is gracious and good!
This picture was taken his last summer at home in Chajurana, He was preparing for a 3 day hike with his dad thru the jungle to another village. That was his Senior Trip. He actually loved it, so dont feel sorry for him! But he misses that life.
But God is Faithful. We need faith to do and act even when we dont understand why things are happening the way they are around us.
Josh and I talked about Peter walking on the water and how he had faith to step out and walk, as he saw Jesus do, but apparently Peter didn't calculate the effect of the winds. When the winds blew he lost his focus and faith and faltered. We cant let the unexpected events shake our faith.
If you want to read more about our expulsion from the jungle by the Venezuelan government, go to www.bimi.org . There is a link to the World Magazine, volume 2 of 2006. The article is , "This had been our home".


Pam Rios said...

Ok Sis, I'm in tears! I feel your heart here. I wish I could see and explain the spiritual aspect of things so clearly. Your Josh is a great guy and God will do many wonderful things through him. Praying for you!

Pat said...

What an amazing Mom you are!! Don't you cherishb those talks with your son??

It is much easier to let them go when you know they are going where God wants them to go and doing what he is calling them to do!!

We all know how those winds blow and how fierce they become at times, but our sight must remain upward to the Lord leading us!!

When I read the article a while age when Pam sent it (months ago)---I could hardly read the words through tears!! But I know you are moving forward in what the Lord has for you to do right now--what a witness!!!

Our prayers are with you!

Jackie said...

Can I just say that I'm glad my Senior Trip was not a three day hike through the jungle!?! :-)
I miss Josh too. Waaaa...it will be nice seeing him again...someday?

Rancher said...

I would love to hike through the Amazon jungle! You and your son are obviously close and of strong faith so you’ll be fine. Good luck anyway.

FeathersMcGraw said...

Hi Rita,

Your blog is great and your story is so moving! I put a note about it on my blog.

The Lord won't leave you alone. In spanish we say that God writes straight over curved lines (El seƱor escribe derecho sobre lineas torcidas), meaning that it can look impossible for us but not for him.

In any case, I think is good news that your work is receiving notoriety about this.

God Bless you.

Teresa said...

It makes my heart happy that you got to spend some time with your son. I checked out the bimi site and must be missing something. I went to Venezuela and all I found was how wonderful the people are and what good the missionaries are doing. Where is the part about why you had to leave the jungle?

Jungle Mom said...

Teresa! Good to see you here. Go to www.bimi.org. Then click the link to the World Magazine. You will have to go into the archives, go to vol.2 of 2006. The article is listed in it as, :This had been our Home". There are good pictures also.

Ashley said...

Hi Aunt Rita!(this is Ashley; Kim's daughter)

I read about your expulsion in the article...you all have been blessed with so much faith. I'm sure I wouldn't be able to handle what you have all been through. Trusting in Him through the unknown is a constant battle for me.

But, I'm so glad you got to spend a lot of time with Josh. Josh R. was just picking him up last night. ^__^ Though he was acting all mysterious calling him "his cousin". He never told us it was JOSH!

But, I will surely be praying for all of you.

Pam Rios said...

oooh Rita! This is so exciting! I see comments by new folks here, and I think one is definitly military!

Pam Rios said...

btw-I just went to feathers mcgraw and left a comment. I saw where Clint had also left one!

M.J. said...

I read that article, and the Indians as well as your family, and Venezuela will remain in my prayers.