Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday Funny

Disclaimer: I have NO particular Baptist preachers in mind!! Just about every male member of my family is a Baptist preacher, so I am putting my life in danger by publishing this. If I will all know why! But I love to live life on the here goes!


Liz said...

Rita dear, check your mail... it's something that will make the pastors' stomachs even fuller

Pat said...


Pastor Naill says that when Baptists have fellowships, chickens die!! I lvoe that saying!

EVERYONE knows a Baptist Preacher needs to be well fed!!

Becky said...

LOL! Wonder if it's all those potluck dinners.

MightyMom said...

could add Methodist to that too!! we don't hardly do ANYTHING without eating!!

The Merry Widow said...

Or the after service lunches with the; deacon's and their wives, new members, special guests and/or speakers, old friend's, families, or just because it's Sunday...and it has to be buffet! LOL!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!

Rita, you are a redhead, that explains it ALL! LOL!

redneck preacher said...

ARG, I resent the picture of me. No wait. Too much hair. My son is a skinny Baptist Preacher. So is his mother. oops!


Diamond to Be said...

Hello ~

I found you at Merlynn's Ramblings. I have a skinny preacher for a husband, Baptist even! But he wasn't always. Did you ever notice there's one thing Baptists never preach against? Gluttony! :o(

I liked your post about redheads. I am one, sort of. It's real, just not real red. Lots of highlights, though, and that must account for the accuracy of your post, lol. Until now, I didn't know I had an excuse for my erratic behavior! Thank you!