Monday, March 24, 2008

A Whale of a Tale!

We spent our first year of marriage in the US of A. I mean that quite literally as we traveled from New Hampshire, to Florida, to California, to Texas and all points in between. This was our 'deputation' year in which we visited several churches to share our future ministry plans with them.

The next step was for us to attend Spanish language school in Querétaro, Mexico. I never understood why my husband needed this as he had grown up with a Mexican nanny for the first three years of his life and had several Mexican cousins he visited every summer. Some of those cousins also lived with his family while attending High School in the states. His Spanish was leagues ahead of mine!

I knew how to say "taco'" and "uno"!

So off to Mexico we went with baby Jackie and my sister in tow! My sister lived with us for that year as I studied spanish and she cared for Jackie. She ended up meeting her 'Principe Azul' in the person of our Mexican Pastor's nephew, and we ended the year with a Mexican Wedding!

And then we were off to Barquisimeto, Venezuela, where my husband took the Pastorate of the Iglesia Bautista La Santa Biblia.

We had not been there long at all, when my husband and I did a follow up call on a young couple who had recently visited the services. We were invited in to share a cafecito and were having a very nice visit when my ears picked up on the conversation thread.

What I thought I heard was the wife to be explaining about seeing a TV documentary about 'chickens' and the butchering of chickens. She seemed quite impressed with the subject and I had some first hand knowledge in the area so I, of course, jumped in to share!

"I have killed chickens myself.", I said proudly.

Beti, whose eyes opened wide asked, " You???" incredulously.

"Sure, it's easy, a bit messy but, my dad used to kill dozens at a time!" says I.

Beti steals a look of disbelief at her husband Argenes, and asks, "Really?!"

I see my dear husband, nearly rolling on the floor with silent laughter! What is the matter with these people! I mean, I'm from West Virginia and it's not that difficult to raise chickens or kill them !

A bit haughtily now, I say, "Of course! It's not hard!"

With that Beti, now looking at me with disapproval asks, " And how did you kill them?"

"Why, by grabbing them firmly around the neck and swinging them by the neck until it breaks! It is quite easy to do if you know the method!" I tell them!!!

At this point my husband lost all control and bursted out in loud laughter! Very rude on his part, I might add!

Argenes now asked," You killed them by breaking their necks with your bare hands?!?!"

"Yes!" I am now annoyed with them all!

Beti, laughing hilariously ask, "You can kill "WHALES" with your bare hands????"

"Whales?" says I, " What are you talking about?"

My husband finally took pity on me and explained that the documentary was on 'Whale Killing' not 'chickens'.

With a very red face I realized I had incorrectly heard the Spanish word, 'Ballena" (whale) and thought I heard "GALLINA" (hen).

Argenes is now a Pastor in Acarigua, Venezuela. He and his wife never for one moment allow me to forget my whale killing prowess! I am forever introduced to their congregation as the "Whale Killer".

Just one of the ways God keeps me humble...


Brenda said...

God keeps many of us humble that way. . . I love language stories

Charles said...

English (well make that American - southern ) is my native language. I do this even with things in print.

Thanks for a funny story.

I'll keep a lookout for the Whale hens next time I am at the beach.

Yekwana Man said...

I love you babe! I still remember with laughter sitting there and watching Argenes and Betty's faces, knowing what you thought you were talking about and knowing what they were thinking. It was totally hilarious. Unforgettable!!!! My Inuit wife!!!!

Pat said...

I am impressed!! Another title to add to your repertoire.LOL
And I thought the squirrel story was good!!


groovyoldlady said...

I certainly hope they've banned you from Seaworld!

Liz said...

Hehehe Rita,
I understand perfectly, I used to confuse prairy with prayer.. (can you imagine?)

You must have great tales with the maquiritare... do tell

Beth said...

Ay! I'm calling Peta, Greenpeace, and anyone else I can think of. Naw, I'm too lazy. I'll just laugh my head off instead. LOL
Heaven knows what I'll end up telling people once I actually learn Arabic.

Kimberly said...

This is a new one to me!!! Love it!

Shortstuff said...

lol i luv language stories. my friend's dad was teaching and he was saying how ppl kiss the pope, but he said the wrong word and it uh, ended up as kiss the, um, rear end.

Jane said...

Oh my!!! That is hysterical! The sad thing is.....I have made mistakes like that in ENGLISH!!!!!
We have been to Acarigua. It is so beautiful there but HOT. My husband has done two crusades there and we stayed at the La Colina Hotel.

Tom & Kandice Keegan said...

I laughed out loud at this story! I once said that the church was full of adulterers (sp?) when I meant to say it was full of "adults" while I was in Ecuador.

Anonymous said...

I never liked killing chickens. For someone of my background, I'm actually quite sqeamish about killing things. Must be a genetic flaw I guess. ;-)

WomanHonorThyself said...

u cute little whale killer!

Happymama said...

hehe, another funny story. You should pen your stories in a book and have them published with pictures along the way!! Great stuff.


Pam said...

I love this Whale story. Always have and always will.

In fear of coming across uneducated in Spanish literature, I must ask: Who is "Principe Azul"? I know I found Agustin, who must be Principe Azul. I want to know where the reference came from!

Bob said...

If anyone could do it, it would be you, Rita.

We are getting 100 chickens on April 7, plus 6 more laying hens, and 16 turkeys. Should be a fun spring. I don't know if I will be able to do what you did.