Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Because You Asked ...

Subvet said..."Oh! And the electricity went out so we knew we were back in South America!"Did you get that "glad to be home" feeling?

YES! It was like...awww... I am at home.!

Pat said...Do your cells work?? How far away are the daughter and kids and of course, SIL??
(was the medicine description written in Portugese ?)
The cells work, sorta. No texting yet, and one has several numbers that wont work. We will fix that tomorrow. The grans are 6 kilometers away, NO, the medicine was in Spanish.

Abouna said...Got sick, hmmmm! If you were in Mexico I would say it was Montezuma's Revenge, but since you are not, then that can't be it.

It must have been Montezuma's Guarani cousin!

Z said...What are you doing in your FREE TIME! ???
Ojala que 'se' mejore pronto. I know it's the wrong grammar, but you get the picture. Would it be "que TE mejore"..or??

You can refer to me in the 'tu' form! Here they use VOS and I am still trying to figure that out!

Thursday's Child said...Are you sure you're in South America? That last one sounded like you were in Lebanon! We spend about half our day on generator. Is power that sporadic there too so you need to be hooked up to one?
According to my SIL, here in AsunciĆ³n, the lights don't go out too much and when they do it is usually for only and hour or two. I assume it would be different in the chaco and small towns.

ABNPOPPA said...For someone who is feeling ill I think you got quite a lot done! Fingerprint locks?

The owner of the house is from Spain. He purchased the locks in Israel. They were installed by a Chinese man, for some Americans living in Paraguay! GLOBALIZATION!!!!!

Anonymous said...So... happy that you are there and have a home awaiting you. Have a wonderful time with those "most beautiful grandchldrenon earth" guess who?

Hello Helen! We share the most beautiful grand children!

Liz said...Very happy for your son's new job and amazed at the digital keys! (y si se va la luz funcionan?

I had the same thought, but they have back up batteries and there is a key as well.

Feel free to ask more questions !

Feel free to ask!


Pat said...

Loved the answers/comments!

With all those people helping in the country, sounds like quite the melting pot of that a true depitction of the area?

Bet #4 has made friends already....

Has#3 found employment?

Are you obsserving the siesta rule yet??


B Wiens said...

Have you been to the mercado 4 yet? And Bonanza? It´s an experience!! But you can find some great deals there.

SERENDIP said...

Just stopped by to 'welcome you home'. I couldn't be happier for you.

Love you,


Jungle Mom said...

No job yet as the hours were not good for her to be able to continue with her studies. both girls are adjusting well and making friends. I do try and get a siesta.:)

Jungle Mom said...

B. weiens,
Is mercado 4 at the port? No, I have not been to either place.

Jungle Mom said...

Thanks so much! God bless!

Thursday's Child said...

Oh, I didn't even think about you being locked (or in) if the power went out. It's a good thing you have back-up of the good old-fashioned kind. :D

{imaginativa} said...

I am happy you are in your new home now. I am looking forward to reading about your adventures there.

MightyMom said...

vos, wow, I haven't heard that since spanish class in high school!!

it's y'all in span.

nosotros is us
vosotros is y'all.

guess you're in the South girl. teeheeheehee.

unless there is some strictly Paraguayan meaning.....which is highly possible.

Z said...

so, is it 'ojala que TU mejore pronto?'

Jungle Mom said...

it is a reflexive verb so you would use the reflexive pronoun, 'Te'.

Jungle Mom said...

z, Actually, it is a reflexive subjunctive verb, "Que Te mejoras".

Pam said...

AHH, memories of Mexico!

Do they call the midday trip home to eat siesta, as in Mexico? The western movies sure gave me the wrong impressions of how Mexicans spend their days. During their 2 hour mid day break, they had to walk home, or if lucky catch a bus home, cook, eat, return to work wlaking or by bus, until 9 p.m. Then have to walk home again to do it all over the next day. I've never met a Mexican who naps during the afternoon!