Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Count Down

Ten things I am thankful for :

My new home
Family close by
A car! We have a car!
Friendly Paraguayans
My own washer-no more laundry mats!
Dr. S
My king size bed
My lovely orchids in the back yard
Good water pressure

Nine foods I am enjoying:

really good ice cream!
natural peanut butter
fresh strawberries
Coke Zero
Good bakery bread
great yogurt
Good coffee
Galletas de oro ( a bit too many at that!)
Smucker's grape jam!

Eight acts of kindness from others:

Rides by SIL
birthday gifts for Jewel and many text messages
free nursing text books in Spanish for Jewel
Hugs and kisses from the grand daughters
help with all the new vocabulary
Invite to a soccer game
Emails, support, and encouragement
friend to take me along to church activity

Seven foods I miss:

queso blanco
5 guys hamburgers
Microwave popcorn
Good corn tortilla chips

Six people I have met here:

Barney, the Dinosaur! Yes, I really DID!
Leti, a new convert
Hector, a military helicopter pilot
Cessi from Peru ( who speaks in the 'Tu' form!)
Pastor, landlord's brother who invited us for a cookout!

Five things I miss:

My son and daughter in law!
Food network
fast internet
the sound of the river
the jungle

Four things I wonder:

Will I be able to attend my son's college graduation and ordination next year?
Will Paraguay ever feel like home?
Will our shipment make it here?
Who will be the next president of the USA?

Three things we need to purchase:

electric heaters!
transformers ( 110 to 220)

Two things I have learned ( or been reminded of) here so far:

Slow down, be patient!
I am rich!

One thing I most look forward to:
Visiting the Chaco!


Gringo said...

From my time working in South America several decades ago, I do not recall having seen peanut butter on the grocery shelves. OTOH, I was in the provinces, not in a capitol city.Peanut butter was one US staple that I missed.

I see availability of peanut butter as an indice of greater globalization. In the same manner, I can now choose among different brands of kilo packages of yerba mate, which I couldn't do in the US years ago. Sin palo, please.

Yerba mate and peanut butter. Years ago you couldn't have both. Now you can.

Anonymous said...

Seems like from your list, things are going well. I'm glad. Moving to a foreign country can be tough, but I guess you've had lots of practice.

Liz said...

My dear Rita, did I send you my 'easy' recipe for dounuts? It's no the same as dunkin.. but the guys here love'em!!

I for sure would miss the microwave popcorn!! less messy.

Un beso, I guess that everything is going chévere :-)

(sorry if I submitted this comment twice.. I'm also suffering from slow internet, I call it keroseen connection)

Pat said...

Glad you are getting acclimated!!

You seem soo blessed in your new abode!

I am sure you miss many things/peoples here, but now your heart is settled.

About that graduation....we will pray without ceasing!!

Thanks for sharing your heart!

Betty said...

I´m glad your dad is doing better.
I like your list.
And "YES", you must come and visit us here in the Chaco! We would love to have you. But wait till it rains. Right now it´s VERY dry and dusty and not a pretty sight for someone used to the jungle.....

Jungle Mom said...

liz, creo q si! Pero...that was before my computer problems and I lost it! Me puedes mandar otra, porfa?

Findalis said...

I'm glad that you are enjoying your new home.

One thing I look forward to every day is a posting from the Jungle Mom.

Brooke said...

Great list; it really paints a picture.

~K~ said...

I miss food network too.
But...we can get microwave popcorn here!

crazy4danes said...

Wonderful post! I love hearing about all the things you are grateful for and I love that you appreciate your rich blessings! I know you will soon feel at home in Paraguay and the people are going to be so blessed that you came! :)

Brenda said...

I miss donuts too! sigh!

WomanHonorThyself said...

sounds like youre coming along girl..keep it up!

The Localmalcontent said...

Yep, counting one's blessings sure beats counting anything else. Pleasure reading this!

Starla said...

I really enjoyed this. The slow down part is always good to hear. And even if we don't have many things we our still rich. God blesses us how he sees fit to bless us.

Pam said...

Can I be added to the things you miss? (pouty face)

MightyMom said...

this too shall pass, enjoy evey moment the good and the bad.....and WHERE ARE YOUR PICS???

I want to enjoy your moments too!


Karin said...

Jungle Mom...We have felt your prayers thank you so much! May Hashem bless you!

Shane Rios said...

i like smuckers :}or=) lol.

Shane Rios said...

i like smuckers :}or=) lol.

Mountain Mama said...

Isn't it amazing the things we take for granted?
You are blessed to have some of the things you enjoy and are meeting new friends.
You must be curious about what you will accomplish in this mission. I certainly would be.

Pam said...

Hey I tried to view Clint's blog and was told I was not an invited reader. Did he change settings? Please advise!

Steve n Vickie said...

What a great list and a wonderful way to share interesting facts about yourself. I enjoyed reading them.

I would like to place a link for your blog on my site. Would you mind if i did so? It's been so much fun reading your blog as I have time.


Anonymous said...

One thing I always loved about Caracas, the fresh bakery bread delivered every morning!

Pen of Jen said...

Rita...I did a post about your home tour today(really about the items in the pot on the stove!) I hope you don't mind. I am leaving this in a previous post, if this was not ok you could let me know via email penofjen(at) yahoo(dot)com

I just loved the picture and couldn't help myself!!!!

And I am so happy that you have arrived safely and all seems to be going well.

imaginativa said...

Will trade Harina Pan for Peanut Butter. :)

Sun Prodcutions said...

Microwave popcorn: Yoki brand, from Brazil. We find it at Superseis and Stock. Several flavors, butter, light, cheese...
We can't live without it!

Welcome to Paraguay!