Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mr. Right Me Me...from Fiddle-dee-dee!


His age? 45

How tall is he? Perfect for me! 5'8"

How long did you know each other before you got together? We wrote letters for years! Back in the day!

What physical features attracted you to him first? His eyes

Eye color? Hazel, but they change with what he wears

Hair color? Mostly brown, a little gray coming in tho!

Hair style? He was a marine!! High and Tight.

Normal outfit? Blue jeans and pull over

How did you meet? My friend ,Kim, invited him to a church skating party! Then she met her husband at our wedding!

How serious is it? Couldn't get much more serious! 23 going on 24 years and 4 children, soon to be 2 grandchildren...

Are you "in love"? More and more each day!

Do your parents like him? Yes

Do his parents like you? Of course!

Do you trust him? With my very life. Actually, I have had to trust him on several occasions for my life and my children's lives! He has never let me down!

Would you share a toothbrush with him? uh..yeah!!! I share gourds with an entire tribe!! So why not his toothbrush!

Would he let you wear his pants? We are talking figuratively, right? NO WAY!!!

Do you have a shirt of his that you sleep in? Thats for me to know and you to find out!

Do you like the way he smells? Yes, well...usually!!

Can you picture having kids with him? Yes, but not again, please!

What bothers you the most about him? hmm...that he can pick up languages so easily while I have to study and stutter!!

Does he have a temper? He does, but he rarely lets it show.

Are you happy to be with him? I would follow him to the deepest, darkest jungle....oh wait! I already did that!!!

Does he embarrass you in public? No. Well, sometimes, only because I am shyer than he is.

Does he smoke or do drugs? No

Does he have any piercings? No Too funny to imagine!!

Any tattoos? No.

Does he have any scars that you know of? Where shall I many to tell about here. ther's the canoe one, the surgery one, the drill in the hand one....

Is he a party dude or stay at home? He loves to the Christian sense!

Is he outgoing or shy? ROTFLOL!!!Never shy!!!!Never!!!

Does he love his mama? Yes. She has gone on to be with the Lord.

Would he hang out with you and your friends? Yes. Our friends are mainly couples, but he even blogs with some of my friends!

Sing? Yes, changes keys a little too often, but it doesn't stop him


Pen of Jen said...

What a wonderful tribute to your husband and your marriage. I love to read when someone has a marriage like mine.
My husband proposed to me after 2
days and we were married eight weeks later. And it has been wonderful. Almost 19 years later and 35 moves, I would not change a thing!
Its a great photo. Many happy wishes!
Sunny greetings from New Mexico!

Candy said...

Hiya!! I loved this post. It was cute and funny. I loved your answer " for me to know and you to find out" TOO FUNNY lol


Susan said...

Time for me to come out of lurking! I loved your post; I did the same one on my blog a few weeks ago. It was fun to read about your husband, and I've enjoyed your posts about your life as a missionary family. I found you through Sarah's blog - she had met you at a missions conference once.

Rita Loca said...

Hello, Susan, I have been to your blog as well.

And He is a great of a kind!!

Beemoosie said...

Beautiful couple~sweet post!!
Hey it's going to be up to 50 degrees here by Wednesday! woohoo! LOL!

Ashley said...

Aww, haha...weird how you and my mom sorta did the whole "match maker" thing. LOL

Um yeah, Unlce Clint shy...never!!! LOL

"Do you like the way he smells? Yes, well...usually!!"

ROTFL!!!! That was a good answer...

Harry said...

A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short.
Andre Maurois

Adam could not be happy even in Paradise without Eve.
John Lubbock

Anonymous said...

Priceless! Love the picture. You guys look and sound like us (only we've never been to the jungle, haha)

Lyndy said...

So glad you did the meme. I have been enjoying you blog. Great pictures and you sure don’t look like you are about to become grandparents. Sounds like you two are great together. Being divorced, I love reading stories like yours…very inspiring.

Have a great rest of the week and I will be back for more.



Unknown said...

aww! I just loved all these nice messages to you sis! I also enjoyed the photos. Where were they taken? In the village? Let us know ok?

Kristi said...

Thta was fun. I did one too if you want to read it. YOu may have already read it, but if not, it's here...


Kimberly said...

Great pic of you both. I may have to do this meme also, sounds fun.

TO BECOME said...

Jungle Mom, I enjoyed reading your blog now I know more about you because you told us about your husband. Wonderful picture of the two of you. Connie from Texas

Sarah Joy said...

This was a fun read, although I don't see the picture!

Susan said...

Rita - Thanks for posting your picture with this. I printed it out and have it taped up with other missionaries we pray for.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this, especially the part about following to the deepest darkest jungle. :)

I did this one here. said...

I loved this sooo Much!!!! And you all sound like a great couple!

Funny thing is, he sounds just like my Dad... ex marine, in the ministry... can't sing, but likes to!

CaraqueƱa said...

Not a lurker, but anyway...enjoyed it! Wish I could see the picture *sigh*