Friday, March 09, 2007

So Do We!

As I mentioned, I will not be blogging much, but for those of you who have been reading my blog about Venezuela, I think you might find this blog ,that was sent to me by a commenter, to be interesting.

It is from a young Venezuelan girl's view point. Her English is not perfect, but that some how adds to it! I am posting, with her permission, some of her previous posts. My blog is from a "gringas" view point, I can leave, I have some protection in being an American. She has neither.

I know the feelings she described. When I see what has happened to the Indians, and
see how things are being set up for the same here, I feel as if all the air has left my lungs. Like when you get hit hard. You feel like you cant breath, you know you can, but that is what it feels like!

I have the confidence that God is in control and that spares me so much!

Her blog is titled,"The end of Venezuela as I Knew it.

So do we (in Venezuela)

I wish it didn't but this is hard: seeing my country like this, now more than ever, seeing this things that I cannot stand and I don't have other choice but shut up about it, and pray that I can finish my major and I can get out of here... cause I cannot live, I cannot breathe in such a situation. It kills me inside in a way I never thought possible. And its killing everyone inside.... Sometimes we are having dinner and there's like two seconds of silence... like a funeral or something and you feel so empty and you know the table where you are eating, the people who's eating with you and that you love and you will give your life for them, are not going to be forever, maybe, they are not going to be there tomorrow or not in the same way.

How can I push all that aside and keep studing? Sometimes I make it, sometimes I dont, sometimes I stay in this space of nothing, this black hole that only make you wish that this nightmare ends soon.


A few days ago in class.... Democracy and Society.... what a name for a class in this days.... the proffesor entered the class and said: "I'm not going to wish you guys a Happy New Year, I'm only going to wish that the things you guys are learning here be usual for the times to come".


Then he told us things like the societies dont just survive..... react.... and I wonder how long are we going to survive.... and then he told us about Hannah Arendt, a political thinker, she was a german jewish during the nazi regime and managed to get out of that h--l....accourding to my professor, without the existence of Hitler, she was ment for be an outstanding philosopher of the german intelectuality of the 30's, but she had to live her years with more urgent things to solve.. like politics, and became a representation of her time. She just had to live that... and then he said... "So do we"... I felt a deep cold inside. So do we.


FeathersMcGraw said...

Seems that Hannah Arendt had to live "that" for nothing, since she hasn't learned that Hitler can come in a variety of shape, colors and political ideologies...

Indeed, she is a creature of her time and cannot see farther than her generational gap...

Cheers JM,

Rita Loca said...

Feathers: I agree with you about Hannah Arendt, but I do feel that this blog exposes the raw emotions of the younger Venezuelan. The feeling of being "trapped". I for one would agree with Patrick Henry,"Give me liberty or give me death."

Ashley said...

And look how often we Anericans take our freedom for granted...we get so used to being so comfortable that we forget how truly blessed we are.

I feel so horrible for her, and so many others over there. Because they have no way out it seems. Well, God is in control...He knows all that's happening.

Unknown said...

I feel very sad for her. Her writing reveals her worries. I wonder if she knows anything about our wonderful Lord?

But you know, some of us here in the USA are observing disturbing things as long will we be free?

Anonymous said...

It seems life is void there for a younger generation that should be filled with hope. I too wonder if she is saved!

How ironic that her class is on Democracy-wonder if it exposes dictatorships??

Our hope is in the Lord!