Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Things I see...

Soccer / Futbol

Last week Paraguay won their match over Argentina to qualify in the World Cup, which is to be held next year in South Africa. I did not attend the game.(my back prefers to watch from the comfort of my sofa these days!)
My husband, daughter and some wonderful friends were there for the game and Catherine has shared her photos with me.

Soccer is a big deal here. The banner reads, "My Country, My Pride"

Even the dogs are fans!

Let the game begin!

Paraguayan fans are crazy!

And so are the Argentinian fans!

Unfortunately, due to a ticket mix up, my husband and daughter...

and our friends Andres and Catherine,
were seated amongst the Argentinian fans!

So this was their view across the field looking at the Paraguayan fans.

At least they were not the only foreigners!

The groups were divided by the ever present riot police!
Would it be soccer without riot police?

The losing team...

and their coach, ' Maradona'.

Paraguay won!

We are going to the World Cup!
The whole country celebrated It was such fun to be here for this exciting time!

Have you ever attended a professional soccer game?


Kristen Torres-Toro said...

Ha! That's awesome!

South Africa has been getting ready for the World Cup ever since the last one! It's going to be huge!

Brenda said...

I love soccer in Latin America! I always wanted to get to one of the games, how nice that Clint and Jewel went!

Betty W said...

Yeah, we won!
But no, I have never been to a "live" game and have no desire to....

m - cde said...

Yes and love it all.
In the homeland been to several and here I went to many of the "Football" matches when Paraguay hosted Copa America in 1999
It was fantastic.!
Until the firework display went wrong and fireworks came down into the crowd and that wasnt very good.
Also trigger happy folk here in CDE when goals are scored - you really literally have to take cover.
Did you see a woman got a bullet come down in her shoulder in the stadium at that Argentina / Paraguay game?

Carrie said...

My husband has been hoping & praying that El Salvador makes it to the World Cup. I will be such a futbol widow next year if they do.
Love & Prayers

Anonymous said...

I hope that the Argentinian's didn't object too strongly to sitting with some Paraguay fans...

Unknown said...

Fun post! Those poor Argentines! At least it looked like Jayde's hat helped her blend in with the Argentinians!
Yes I have been to a pro game!

Gutsy Living said...

Great to see the photos, I have never attended a game, but I certainly prefer it to U.S. football games, and yet my son is at the University of Michigan, where football is IT.

Z said...

Maradona is the coach of Argentina?
Man, he was a REALLY good player but strung out on drugs...great player; what a shame.

These pix reminded me of living in Europe and seeing live soccer games..we were in Munich during the European championships and Munich won! WHAT A NIGHT!

Thanks, JM! REALLY fun to see these picture...j'aime le futbol!

MightyMom said...

yup, once saw Tatu take off his shirt (Dallas Sidekicks)

dem was the days.....

The Local Malcontent said...

Great post this~!
I felt a kinship to the Paraguayan team through you, Clint and Jewel here.

Go Paraguay, Win the World Cup!

Kathy said...

R. was so happy with the win! We couldn't see it but he listened via Argentine internet radio and watched Youtube clips as they became available! I've never gone to any kind of soccer game, but he has been to many! Once a friend of his who was a Boca fan accidentally sat on the River side of a Boca/River game! Needless to say, he had to hide his true feelings!