Thursday, September 10, 2009

The VERY BEST image of the Crasher Squirrel...

Is not here folks!

After 492 people having been misdirected to my blog, seemingly looking for the Crasher Squirrel, I decided to exploit the situation!

Sorry to disappoint you, but since, for some unknown reason, so many have been directed here by Google, I thought I would let you know that the infallible internet has indeed misdirected you.

I do have a funny Squirrel story though, if that interests you! HERE!

And since you are already here, why not leave a comment and say hello? I would love to know what brought you all here!


MightyMom said...

I"m so terribly dissappointed.



The Local Malcontent said...

I was looking for 'cloud resembling a anchovy-eating squid'

Brenda said...

Way to take advantage of the situation! Too funny. I immediately went and checked my stats and we jealous for about a second there ;)

Kathy said...

I'm not misdirected! :) I came here on purpose! I do love the squirrel story though! :) I hope you can pick up some new followers now--this is a good site people! Have a nice day and Viva Paraguay! (R. is so happy!)

Elmers Brother said...

I was looking for an acorn...

Unknown said...

And now I want to know WHAT a crasher squirrel is. Maybe the suicidal relative of the flying squirrel?

Miss Footloose said...

Ah, the mysteries of the Internet! I hope you get some new fans out of it.

I loved the squirrel story, and expect your husband has recovered and holds his head up again with "pride."

Miss Footloose
Tales of the Globetrotting Life

Anonymous said...


Wry Mouth said...

I find you funny -- and opportunistic. A dangerous combination.


Rita Loca said...

MM, You'll get over it!

LMC, Sorry to disappoint.

Brenda, Glad to make you laugh!

Kathy, Thanks Kathy!

Elbro, sorry, no acorn here!

Tammy, I didn't know either until today.

Miss Foot Loose, Yes, he does quite well these days.

FJ, I don't know either!

Wry Mouth,Its the red hair!

Mrs. Who said...

Thanks for linking to the squirrel post. I personally despise squirrels, and would have enjoyed your husband's sermon, shouting out some hearty 'Amens'!