Wednesday, July 16, 2008

6 Quirky things

Wiens world has tagged me for a meme!
(She lives in Paraguay!)

Here are the rules of this meme:
1) Link to the person who tagged me.
2) Mention the rules.
3) Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself.
4) Tag 6 other blogger´s by linking to them.
5) Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged.

Here goes!

1) I love sci-fi, especially Star Trek. I used to read the Star Trek novels over and over again, alas, they had to remain in the jungle upon our unplanned departure. We had a cousin who would video 'The Next Generation' series and send them out to the jungle for us. We would watch them using a battery powered TV/VCR. One night we were in a small tent and watched the video for 8 hours, until the 12 volt battery died!

2) I have to read something every night. When I go to bed, no matter how sleepy or exhausted, I must spend a few minutes with a book before I fall asleep. In the jungle, we all had small book battery lights to read by.

3) I must wear mascara and eyebrow powder EVERYDAY! No matter where I may be, or what else I must do without, these two items are not optional!!!

4)I prefer to read the Old Testament in Spanish and the New Testament in English! I have no idea why this is.

5) I can not stand repetitive noises! Pen clicking, finger drumming...AARRGGHH! My kids would do these things and bet each other on how long it would take for me to respond. ANNOYING!!!

6) I talk to myself ...a lot! But not as much as my daughter, Jackie! I think I started doing this when we were newly arrived in the jungle and trying to learn the language. I had no one else to talk to!

And now I get to tag 6 bloggers. I decided to introduce you to some of my ex-pat friends spread around the world. I find all their blogs to be very interesting and educational about life in the countries where they live.

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Anonymous said...

I am the same way with repetitive noises...and I have one son who used to almost constantly be clicking or tapping or something!!

Theophilus said...

Hurrah! Mom's been tagged!
I can't wait to find out all her deep, dark secrets

P.S. Don't you just love Data? :D

Theophilus said...

Oh silly me I'm commenting as my dad whoops. :)

Thursday's Child said...

Shukran ktir!

Dawn said...

Interesting facts about you - I am with you on annoying noises! And I talk to myself - at least I did at work - haven't caught myself doing it to much here at home. I was always working out something in my head, and it came out verbally.

Loved the previous post about the oldest blogger - how neat.

Starla said...

Very interesting!!! But I talk to myself all the time. Usually I'm the only person who will listen to myself, lol.

Michael said...

Trek Rules! Geeks Unite!

Rita Loca said...

michael. Live long and prosper!

Brenda said...

I did it! Take a look and see. I will watch those repetetive noises around you. I do them and find them comforting, haha.

~~Deby said...

repetitive noises, I am with you on that and talking to myself...or the dog...
I did my quirky meme today.

MightyMom said...

oh good, I'm NOT tagged! heehee just kidding. We actually have 2,5, and 6 in common. Go figure. :0)