Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thanks for the feedback!

It seems that most of you think that I should stick with the title of my blog. So, at least for now, 'The Jungle Hut' will remain the same, as will, 'Jungle Mom'. I will perhaps add a subtitle and will update my side bar to reflect the changes in our lives.

I will also continue with just the one blog for now because I do not agree with the humanistic concept of dichotomy. God is not just a part of my life but He is my life and I can not segregate Him to only one aspect of my life. Part of what I would like to convey to my readers here is that living a life of service to God and sharing my faith with others is anything but boring.

I will continue with my US political rants on occasion because I do feel that our country is at a cross roads and I have a duty to warn and beseech my fellow citizens to be aware of the traps we have allowed ourselves to walk into! I have lived under socialism and a form of tyranny, I see the democratic candidate sounding an awful lot like Chavez in the early years. I will speak out. I am observing as a lot of younger Americans are acting upon the years of political correctness which they have been indoctrinated on in their education and I have a responsibility to point this out. I may not make a difference, but I will know I have tried. My main warning to these people is 'TANSTAAFL"!

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch! If you want the government to provide and do for you, prepare to surrender all your personal rights as that is always the cost of socialism and will continue to be so. It has all been tried before and history has proven it to be ineffective. And as for voting, I see people here doing just as the Venezuelans did when electing Chavez, voting for 'change' without a clear picture of what that actually meant.

In regards to Chavismo, I do not worry too much now that I am no longer in Venezuela. We used to have a lot of 'code' names and such to refer to him while living there. I remember referring to him as 'HHH' ( His Highness Hugo!) while posting from there. My chavista trolls have dropped off considerably since I left the country.

I had a few nasty trolls last summer who threatened me and my daughters, but the ones I am deleting now are merely annoying. I get some homosexual trolls attacking me which I find intriguing. I do not recall ever having posted about homosexuality here at all.

As to being anonymous online, I do not feel it is feasible for us as we have already been in newspapers, magazines and on several web sites since our problems in Venezuela. Sometimes I feel being transparent is in itself a bit of protection.

In regards to Islam, I do get angry commenters on occasion and suppose I am a bit sensitive to threats after all we went through in the jungle of Venezuela. Paraguay is a different place and I will not be in direct contact with Muslims for a few years at least and will need to re- evaluate at that time. In the mean time, I may do a bit of editing here of previous posts and will try to always report, with sources, anything I might say about Islam on this blog.

I feel great compassion for the individual Muslim but am appalled by the religion itself as it seems to promote terror and violence and has done so for centuries. That I can not deny.

Finally, my family does not want me to change anything here and feel that we are at a time in history when each of us must stand up and speak the truth even when it is inconvenient. I wonder where they got that attitude from???

One of the most interesting things in regards to this blog, for me at least, is the great variety of regular readers! I have mostly self proclaimed Christians reading, the majority being Baptist. This is expected. I have several other denominations represented here, I know of Methodists, Lutherans, Nazarene, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, as well as Mormons, and even Jehovah's Witness'. I suppose that is also understandable. Several Jews also read my blog. I presume they found me via my pro-Israel posts.

Among my regular readers I also count a Buddhist ! Even a few atheists and several agnostics. I even have a self proclaimed 'pagan'! I am often wondering what they find of interest here at my obviously Christian blog which expresses my Judeo-Christian world view, but I am glad to have them reading!

I get quite a few readers who are involved in survivalism and am curious what brought them to my blog...maybe the fact that I 'survived' the Amazon Jungle?

Again, thanks for your input! And if anyone would like to share with me how you came by my blog, and what is it that keeps you coming, now would be a good time to de-lurk!


Pat said...

You are so wise, JM.

Knowing you is to know that your God is the core of your being, and you WILL share it, either in person or in writing!!

Keep on!!!

And, I agree with your assesmnet of our current political is a scary time for America!! You know people are sooo uninformed...they cannot even tell you who they back, let alone why!! Keep leading those that are blinded!!

You also have opened our eyes to the tyranny suffered by your fellow countrymen...and given us a challenge to remember them in prayer!!

Keep it up!!

redneck preacher said...

Good decision I am such a newbee as I have never heard of trolls on a puter. Good name for them.

I am also surprised by the homo-trolls. Possibly your stable, feminine but tough attitude scares them. I do seem to remember seeing pictures of your kids in the jungle wearing some pretty gay colored clothing. hmmm


Harry said...

The beautiful thing about a blog is that it's yours and you get to do as you please and say what you want. If someone doesn't like your point of view, they can start their own blog. As for the trolls who have threatened you, that's one of the ugly things about blogs. The anonymity of the Internet brings out the worst in some people. They would be too cowardly to say it to your face.

I'm glad you're keeping it all the same.

Abouna said...

Hope to have many more years of the Jungle Hut and Jungle Mom. Even if you went to the inner flats of outer Mongolia, you would still be the Jungle Mom in the Jungle Hut (although in Mongolia it would probably be a yurt).

God Bless, and keep on keeping on.

Delightfully Imperfect said...

My best wishes for you and your family as you begin this next chapter.

Quoting your post: "I get some homosexual trolls attacking me which I find intriguing. I do not recall ever having posted about homosexuality here at all."

I would call such people ignorant extremists who lump all Christians in the same basket with the likes of Rev. Phelps. I find it strange that they, who do not wish others to paint them with wide bush of prejudice, do exactly that to others. Therefore I consider them to be toxic, not because they are homosexual but because they are clearly narrow-minded extremists.

I know my friend, God, will help you through this next chapter in your life.

The Localmalcontent said...

JMom, it it because we all love you so, because you have become a dear and daily part of our lives, that we come here.

This was a beautiful post.

And to some personal degree, perhaps, we all envy your life, in the teachings, the wacky experiences, the recipes, and the snakes and tarantulas you've shared with us.

Do not change one iota, please; continue to walk with our Holy, Holy Father, and being an Angel to our lives here.

Dawn said...

I can't remember how we found each other, but I'm glad we did. I am looking forward to your new adventures in Paraguay.

I am very fearful for our future, since suddenly so many young folks think the candidate of their choice is the messiah himself.

Z said...

just keep writing and loving and informing and including us in your life that's so amazingly different than most of ours!
This Lutheran thinks you're terrific!

Starla said...

I am glad to hear you are not changing.

Becky said...

I believe I found you through your daughter Jackie's blog (which I can't get to now, poo!), and am one of your many Baptist readers. I thoroughly enjoy your blog...the missionary stories, the political views, your very successful parenting (which speaks for itself)...EVERYTHING. It makes for great, informative and encouraging reading.

I'm excited to hear more about what the Lord has ahead of you and your family in Paraguay. Your faithfulness (and the resultant experiences) are a tremendous encouragement to me, and I often find myself telling my family about what I read here. We loved the story about the giant earthworms, lol!

Thursday's Child said...

I found you through a friend's blog. I'm so glad I did. You're one of the first blogs I check daily. (Kind of like Mom reading the obits to see if she's in them. If she's not, she gets dressed. :D)

B Wiens said...

I am so glad you found my blog and commented. That is how we "met" and I am a big fan of your blog now. A Mennonite from the Chaco of Paraguay.....(you hadn´t listed that denomination yet ;)). Right away I noticed that you have strong opinions and I love that in a person. You are also positive and a great writer! All of these reasons bring me back every day. Keep on going strong!

Susan said...

I can't recall if I have ever commented before or not. I have been reading your blog almost daily for over a year, but just recently started my own blog. I know I have come to the comment section, typed something and then deleted it as i was not happy with how it sounded. I really do enjoy your blog, the political comments and all. Until this past year or so , I have been more of an ostrich with my head in the sand, and you have really opened my eyes. My husband is from a missionary family, he lived in Thailand for about 5 years while growing up, so your missionary stories make me smile, and be thankful for all I as an Amercian take for granted. I am NOT out spoken, though I hold very firm views, and found your blog to be very refreshing. So glad your staying the same. Oops, too long, sorry!

Charles said...

Very well said. I am glad you feel this way and will remain here as our beloved "Jungle Mom"

Sarah Halter said...

I think I came upon your blog when you left a comment on mine or emailed me after I asked Jackie about the inclusive/exclusive "we" when she was talking about language study. I might have clicked a link from her blog to yours before that, but I don't remember for sure. I found her blog when Pam left a comment on Ashleigh's blog (Mishel's daughter) suggesting that she might like Jackie's blog. I found Ashleigh's blog from a link on the blog of a friend I know in person. 5 degrees of bloggy friends - crazy how this blog world works!

Tom & Kandice Keegan said...

Glad you're sticking with 'jungle mom'. Just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog. It's always informative & encouraging. Blog on, jungle mom!

M.J. said...

So glad to read that you will be keeping the Jungle Hut and writing as Jungle MOM!!! I would feel lost without it!!!

Another thought, I was gonna post, but I am not sure I have the right words...:::pregnancy fog:::, but I think you have done a tremendous job of reaching out to others for the cause of Christ through your blog. Your blog is another outlet to show the world a REAL, true Christian woman. We have minds, opinions, wisdom, and a voice. I hope I am not sounding too much like Rosey the Riveter!!! But I think sometimes we hold back our opinions, and thoughts, even the truth as not to offend anyone. Hats off to you JM for being real!! I totally see Christ in you!

Findalis said...

My thoughts and prayers will be with you Jungle Mom and your family as you embark upon this new journey of your life.

You are the calm in the stormy sea of the internet and I thank you for that.

Judith said...

Jungle Mom, I do not remember how I got the name of your blog. It may have been through one of my daughters. I got it from a list of bloggers. But what keeps me coming back to you first of all was to learn more about your doing God's work in the jungle. One of the first posts I read was about the native women gathering worms. But back to the subject at hand, I read your posts because they reflect your courage, and an unshakable faith in our Lord. Even if I don't always agree with you, or your politics, I respect that you have the courage to say what you are, and what you believe. Keep it coming.

Yours in Christ, Judith.

Mountain Mama said...

BRAVO!!!!! I am so proud of you and your decisions.
We are who we are and with the Lord God on our side the enemy should be fearing, not us.
I will keep you and yours in my heart and in my prayers.

Please keep writing posts that enlighten all your reader. So many do not understand the curse of socialism.

Love, Hugs & Prayers

crazy4danes said...

You actually commented on my blog one day and that is what brought me to yours! And I have been grateful ever since!

I do love hearing your stories about your lives in the Jungle...and your Christian spirit is wonderful too!

I love that you have embraced all religious readers on your blog! You are wonderful and I look forward to your blogs and I enjoy your comments on mine as well!

Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

Gayle said...

I'm glad you're keeping the name, Rita. It fits, regardless of where you are. :)

I keep coming back (when I can) because you write very well and your posts are always interesting. As for the trolls, well... they're trolls! LOL! They don't make any sense, so I guess that's why we call them Trolls. :)

God bless, and keep up the good work.

Kate said...

Keep it up, Jungle Mom! Love reading you, as always :)

Greetings from DC.

Sarah Joy said...

I believe I was random blog flipping. (I've learned that this is not a wise thing to do anymore! Yeeks.)

I recognized your picture, and the story about the deodorant stone that you told at a missions conference we were in together.

I check in here daily when I have access to the internet!

The Localmalcontent said...

Wait-- You know Angela, i.e. Crazy4Danes 2?

What a closing knit family we're developing. Cool~

Penless Thoughts said...

God is not just a part of my life but He is my life and I can not segregate Him to only one aspect of my life. Part of what I would like to convey to my readers here is that living a life of service to God and sharing my faith with others is anything but boring.

I love this and agree 100%!!!

Rebecca said...

Don't let anyone stop you Jungle Mom. The world needs people like you.
One of those freakin Pentecostals.

MightyMom said...

couldn't tell you how I came by your blog...former Methodist, not quite Catholic that I am...but I keep coming back because I like you. I will sometimes skip the ultra political posts as politics upset me, but the rest I enjoy greatly....but even with the great writing, I wouldn't be back if I didn't feel that we'd made friends out here in blogland and you always give me great input on my blog :-)

Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

I found you off Jackie's blog, and have loved reading about your adventures, your political views, your family life. We are moving to Paraguay, too, in November, and I hope we'll get to meet in person someday! Keep posting and don't change a THING! :) --Christie (from the Church of God of Prophecy! A new one for you!