Sunday, July 20, 2008

Paraguay or bust !!!!

Our move is quickly approaching and I find myself with lists for this and lists for that! What is to be shipped and will arrive in a few moths? What must go with us on the plane? Where are the warmer clothes, since it is winter in Paraguay and summer in Florida? What documents have not returned? How much will all this cost? Have we sold the car? Canceled cell phone contracts etc.?

Packing involves boxes for now, boxes for suitcases, boxes for shipping next week. Whew! Remembering to buy everything we will want to have down there, like enough cans of cranberry sauce to last four Thanksgivings and Christmases. A four year supply of my favorite mascara, oh! and harina pan for making arepas!

I am very much ready to move on to the next phase of our life and yet that has created a lot of questions as well. We left Venezuela with a few books, Indians baskets and my husbands hand made table from the jungle. Now we are starting over.

Our supporting churches have been very generous in helping us replace house hold goods such as pots and pans and bedding, which we are shipping, but we still have no appliances or furniture. Or vehicle.

BUT ... my son in law and daughter were able to find an incredible offer on a house for us which comes with all the appliances and is even furnished. We can use the next year or two to slowly buy our own things. I can't tell you what a tremendous blessing this will be to us.

If any of you have lived in South America, you will know that rentals rarely include appliances. This house has stove, refrigerator, stand up freezer, washer, four air conditioners and....a BATH TUB! Tubs are usually only found in expensive homes and luxury hotels! And ceiling fans as well!!

The house owners are Spanish and own a lumber business in Paraguay and he harvests wood form his own land, but they are returning to Europe. So we get hardwood floors!

We are always anxious about a safe and secure home for the girls and this home is well protected with walls around the yard and special locks that read your fingerprints rather than keys.

But... the best of all is...we get internet!!! I will be able to continue blogging uninterrupted!!!In Paraguay this can cost up to $200.00 a month alone! The rent includes all utilities and the internet is included!!!! Woo Hoo!

I feel like God is blessing us above and beyond anything we deserve! I almost feel guilty! I don't really need all these things..but they sure would be nice! And the price is right! So...ok, I'll mange to live the good life for a few years! LOL!

Having the housing arranged and knowing we can arrive and spend the very first night in our own home is an incredible blessing. It has made the move so much less daunting. It was feeling as if a big dark cloud was blocking the view of the future, but now, I am excited to begin the adventure!!!

So, Jungle Mom is ready for Paraguay...the question is, "Is Paraguay ready for Jungle Mom?"


Abouna said...

Sounds like great fun. Wish I was going with you. Hope you all stay safe and well, and I will be looking forward to your posts from Paraguay.

May God go with you.

Susan said...

So wonderful everything is falling in place for you and God is throwing open the door for you to start ministering.

Amanda said...

The new house sounds like such a blessing. I'm excited for you guys!

Sarah Halter said...

What a blessing! God is good. We'll be praying for the details and the transition.

Anonymous said...

HMMMMM.....thier lives will be enriched by you!!

Your love to serve the people, to minister, to share and lead....the blessings are yet to be seen!!

You, a servant of Jesus Christ, will be an asset in a country the needs to hear and see the love of the one who died for them!!

Blessings as you prepare...

Dawn said...

What a mighty God we serve! He knew all of this long ago, didn't He??

You asked me to come and help you pack - I would love to be able to do that! What a daunting task it is for you - The Lord bless you as you begin this new adventure.

Pam--in America said...

Yes, you can cross post anything from my blog, any time. :)

What a blessing the Lord has provided for you with that home!! It sounds wonderful.... like something only the Lord could provide ;)

Oh, and I know just how you feel about buying enough 'supplies' to last for 4 years. I'm sure the people at the stores were giving us funny looks when we bought years worth of toiletries! But it was WORTH IT!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's amazing! What a blessing!

Z said...'s like God's rewarding you for all the wonderful work you've done in the past!
I know we'll be so eager to hear about your move there and what it feels like to be installed.
Blessings and happiness and calm through this period of time......HOW exciting! xxxx

Sarah Joy said...

What a blessing! You all are in my prayers!

Tori Leslie said...

Wow, sounds like your getting a little "due" reward!
The house sounds like a dream and what a wonderful blessing for a family who lived where and how they had to to serve God.

How close are we to the official departure date?

Starla said...

Praise the Lord!!! This is great, don't feel bad for the blessings that God is giving you. I'll pray you will get things packed and it won't be stressful. Can't wait to hear stories about Paraguay!!!

CrimeSceneFairy said...

lol! I hope yall have a good time in paraguay!
Hurrah for internet!

MathewK said...

Excellent news JM, glad to hear it's working out, off to another country eh. I know you'll have a ball.

The Local Malcontent said...

"Is Paraguay Ready for Jungle Mom, and Yekewana Man?"

You two go there, and bring God's other children into His Fold, as only you two can, with His Words.

So privileged to know you two, I wish you the very best, there.
May The Lord be with you, yours, always.

Thursday's Child said...

Oh, I don't know if any place is ready for you ;) but they sure need you!

You are truly a blessing wherever you go. And I don't have to stop reading your blog! I'd go through serious withdrawal.

MightyMom said...

that's fabulous! Can't wait to find a red dot from Paraguay on my map!!

Did I miss where you told what led you to Paraguay or was it to be close to your daughter???

Jane said...

Rita, that sounds wonderful. I am SO happy that your daughter and SIL found that home for you all. It sounds wonderful. I am so looking forward to learning about Paraguay in the coming months.
We are having a grand time here.

Betty said...

That`s great, that you found such a nice house! I`m glad for you, because it really is not very easy to find such "deals"! We have first hand experience.... I wish you a smooth move over here, but don`t pack to many warm clothes. It`s not a very cold winter this year.

Jackie said...

Ditto the Barbaras comment. It's been a HOT AC is pumping as I type.

Findalis said...

May G-d bless your endeavour with success. Have a safe journey while down there.

Glenn B said...


I must say I am disappointed you are leaving without my ever having met you and your family in person. I am thrilled for you because I know this is the life you live for; and that house sounds like a great place. Enjoy it, it sure sounds as if it has what you had in Venezuela beat by a million miles! Nice to hear you will still be keeping in touch via the bolg.

Good luck, and allow me to say God Bless and tell you it comes from the heart.

All the best,

Nina in Portugal said...

Rita...I know you are ready to be there and all this planning behind you. Praise the Lord for wonderful housing. We too received a great blessing with the house we were able to rent.

I don't know the complete story of your time in Venezuela and now Paraguay....maybe when you have more time you can fill me in. I love to listen to veteran missionaries and hear their stories. God's provisions over the years, always thrills my soul!

God Bless you....and sure enough...don't forget that mascara!!

Rita Loca said...

glenn, Thank you for your kind words and blessings. They mean a lot to us!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are working out so well for you. Having a nice place to live and being able to keep in touch with your friends is important.

Brenda said...

Sounds great! Does your new house have a pool too? Those are extra nice in Paraguay!

Charles said...

I know you are excited. God has many amazing things in store I am sure.

Just don't forget your blogging

You guys are on our prayer list.

Unknown said...

I didn't know all this good stuff! The house sounds great! Maybe we'll just move down with ya'!

Hardwood floors, I really miss mine! Enjoy. Praise the Lord for working all this out!