Monday, March 09, 2009

Answers, Part One

The one who tried to get the infamous cow dent out of the Limo for us,
on one of his visits to the jungle hut!

Siberia Tom: How many Cows did Clint kill with the Limo on the roads between PA and Barkie or CB?

So you haven't forgotten about that!!! LOL! I think we only hit the one cow. We did almost hit several others and gators a time or two. We had a giant bat fly into our windshield once and we ran over some very big snakes. But as you know, the most dangerous thing about those trips were the gigantic pot holes! And maybe running into a terrorist.

We really miss our limo, which for those who do not know, was really not a limo but a '96 Chevrolet Blazer ! We have a small Toyota car now. It was made in Japan and then converted in Chile to drive down here. Everything is backwards. If we want to turn on the windshield wipers, we turn on the signal lights. If we turn on the signal lights, we start the wipers. We will have very clean windshields but will most likely end up tail ended!

The person who often kept our car for us while we were in the jungle.

FJ said... Would you ever avail yourself of an opportunity to go back to serve with the Yekwana if it presented itself?

We would certainly go back for a time at least. If we could even just visit occasionally and help them out, we would be thrilled. However, we do have new commitments here that we are now responsible for, so it would be complicated.

Kathy said...

Maybe you answered this before and I missed it, but what was your water situation in the jungle? Did you have a sink, pump, buckets? Did you have a shower of any kind? You didn't have to wash your clothes in the river, did you? Just wondering... :)

The river was our water supply and for many years we bathed, washed clothes and dishes in the river. We carried water by bucket to the house for drinking. My husband had rigged up a water filter which did not require plumbing.

We also had a bucket shower for when we did not make it to the river.I had a sink before I had running water as I discovered that carrying dirty dish water and such was worse than carrying clean water. A drain is a truly wonderful thing!!! If I had to pick between water and electricity, I would choose running water.

Later we were able to get a water pump and elevated some barrels. We would fill the barrels and gravity feed it into the house. We then put in a flush toilet ( no more outhouse!) and a shower. After 6 years, I even had a washer.

I will answer more of your questions tomorrow. Thanks for asking !


Thursday's Child said...

Can't wait for part two!

FJ said...

You have a hardy soul... that's for certain. Starting over in the jungle would be quite an enterprise. At least you wouldn't likely repeat any mistakes you may have made in establishing yourselves in the first go round. Those were certainly some unforgettable experiences. ;-)

Betty said...

You look so happy with your washer and the kids with the flush toilet! Ahhh the luxury´s of life! :)
Looking forward to Part II

Findalis said...

That was an interesting observation Rita. Indoor plumbing was more important than electricity.

That should be emblazon on the world. That clean, safe water with good sanitation is more important, more vital to humans to have.

I cannot wait for the next part.

Pam said...

Great idea! Fun to read. i remember hearing about the great and exciting day of getting a FLUSHER!

Kathy said...

Thanks for letting us know the answers! Man, you were pioneers! Did the people think you were nuts when you brought in your modern conveniences? Did any of them try and rig up water for their own homes? I'm also looking forward to Part Two!

Sarah Joy said...

I agree 100%! I like electricity, it makes my computer more fun, and it keeps my food happy, but I would choose running water first any day of the week. Our stints without either running water or electricity were only for a week or so, but it sure was educational!

Brenda said...

I'm with you, running water over electricity any day. Computers can run on batteries!

This is fun!

Gringo said...

I hit an iguana on a small country road in Trinidad while going only about 15 mph. An egg popped out as a result of the hit.On the way back, the iguana was no longer in the road. Did it survive?