Saturday, March 28, 2009

Paraguay contra Uruguay

Arriba Albirroja!

SudAfrica 2010 - World Cup Soccer 2010

Just a note for all of our friends in various countries of South America.
Solo una notica para nuestros amigos por los paises de Sud America

Placements of all South American teams for South Africa
Number one is:
Posiciones de los Paises en competicion para SudAfrica 2010
Numero UNO y Maximo posicion es;

1. PARAGUAY con 23 puntos
2. Brazil 17 puntos
3. Argentina 16 puntos
4. Chile 16 puntos
5. Uruguay 13 puntos
6. Ecuador 12 puntos
7. Colombia 11 puntos
8. Venezuela 10 puntos
9. Bolivia 9 puntos
10. Peru 7 puntos

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Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

Funny. We're watching the Paraguay/Uruguay partido right now, when I ran into check email/blogs during "half-time". Hope they're going to do better in the second half! (PS-Having a tv proved to be a good way to get some neighborhood guys into our house!!)