Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Interesting Television

The hotel we are in has cable TV. The cable here in Ciudad del Este is fascinating. I do not understand much of what I see on the TV but it entertains me greatly!

We have the regular Paraguayan networks as well as CNN en Espanol and Univision. We also get VeneVision from Venezuela! I don't care for that channel, but I enjoy hearing the quick talking Venezuelan accents. We also have Telesur which is Chavez' idea of a South American news channel. Boring...

Since we are just across the river from Brazil we also have several Portuguese channels. Due to the German population here we have a few German channels as well.

We have a couple of English movie channels and an Indian channel.

We also have 3 or 4 Chinese networks, with Spanish subtitles. A great way to exerciser the brain! There seems to be a Korean channel, too.

We must have 5 or 6 Arabic networks, including Al Jazeera. It is interesting to see the women reporting the news in their head coverings and the men in turbans, as on one of the channels.

We entertain ourselves by watching these foreign channels and each of us picks a different character, push the mute button, and we make up our own story line, doing the voices of our characters. It's a riot... ok, maybe you have to be here to appreciate it.

Tomorrow we head to Argentina and to see the Falls. I am very excited about that!


MightyMom said...

I don't think you could be bored in a cardboard box.


that's a compliment by the way......ol separated sister of mine......

Nina in Portugal said...

I guess it takes years in the Jungle to become entertained with foreign TV channels like you guys are...

You are so funny!

Enjoy the falls!

Jackie said...

We watched an Arab soap opera...too funny!

groovyoldlady said...

Oh, muting the tv and making up your own dialogue; That SO sounds like something I'd do!!

Gringo said...

The falls are a wonder, una maravilla.( Here I see Spanish as giving a better one-word description.) After I saw them, an Argentine friend wanted me to compare them to Niagra Falls.My reply: you can't compare. Iguazu can only be compared to itself.

Unfortunately, I have lost most of the photos I took of the falls, in my various moves.

I knew Ciudad Del Este as Big Al City, back in the day.I still use a leather suitcase I bought there.

It is perhaps fitting that the city named for Big Al was called Port President Stroessner, given Big Al's portly nature. With each passing day, Big Al becomes less a reality ( re what Faulkner said about the past) and more a distant memory. I imagine Big Al would have had a chuckle over the recently reported misdeeds of the current President.Perhaps he IS chuckling, somewhere.

CDE is reported to be a Hezbollah place of action, even to the extent of their picking up collections from shopkeepers.

Brenda said...

I think you are just easily entertained. . . must be all those years in the jungle ;)

How did you like the Brazil falls? I like them both. Can't wait to hear your perspective.

Thursday's Child said...

I enjoy watching Al Jazeera English. Over here we get CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, CNBC. It's possible to get Fox News but not on our package. I barely have time to watch the ones we have so it would hardly be worth the money. I just read their website and watch videos when the girls are out of the classroom.

We have channels in all kinds of languages...you just have to wade through all the porn to save the right channels to favorites and then only allow the kids to search through the favorites lists to find something to watch. {sigh}