Friday, May 08, 2009

The Things I See

Sometimes I feel as if I am in the
Twi -Light Zone.

A land time forgot!

You bade the Red Man rise like the Red Clay,
Of God's great Adam in his human right,
Till trailed the snake of trade, our own time's blight,
And man lost Paradise in Paraguay.

G.C. Chesterton


The Hermit said...

I kind of like seeing things like that. We still have a few who plow behind mules up here. Not many left, though.

TCKK said...

That is such a cool picture. It's so neat to see some things still done in the old fashion way. I think that is why I have such a fascination with the Amish.

T. Anne said...

I enjoy everyone of your posts! God bless you!

Betty said...

I feel that way too, especially when we travel into the country. It´s just like you what back into time...

Humble wife said...

Oh I love the horses and wagons. I think that you live in an incredibly idyllic place!

Dani Joy said...

Wow that´s an amish site! I remember that there were amish there in Paraguay. Do you know any?

Thanks for your encouraging comment! We can keep on in God´s strength! Remember white sugar is a drug! jeje

Kathy said...

When they talk into those loud speakers, can you understand them? I sure can't! :) I always love your pictures! Have a nice weekend!

Brenda said...

Its so true, its easy to forget the rest of the world when you live in Paraguay.

Gringo said...

Perhaps "And man lost Paradise in Paraguay" refers to the many attempts to create utopian communities in Paraguay. The first attempts were the Jesuit missions. “Lost Paradise” may also refer to the collapse of these communities after the Jesuits were expelled from the Spanish empire.

In Voltaire’s 18th century novella of the same name, Candide escapes to Paraguay, seeking a utopia. Nietzsche’s sister in real life, not in a novel, went to the Nueva Germania colony in Paraguay, but returned disillusioned several years later to Germany.

The Bruderhof, a Christian pacifist and communal group related to the Hutterites, had several communities in Paraguay from the late 1930s until the early 1960s.

Dani Joy, did you realize there is a Mennonite colony in Filadelfia ? I believe the Mennonites provide Paraguay with a fair amount of its dairy products.

Here are some photos of Filadelfia and the Chaco. The Chaco is known by some not as utopia, but as Green Hell. The thorns on the trees are not insignificant. Hell or not, the Mennonites have thrived in the Chaco.

Where "Yo El Supremo",Solano Lopez and Big Al fall on the utopia gradient, I have no idea.

(I do not claim that Wikipedia is the authoritative source on these issues, but it is "quick and dirty," as the saying goes.Good enough for unpaid blogger work, if not for government work.)

MK said...

A sign of the old times eh.