Wednesday, May 27, 2009


P - Priest/ President. President Lugo was a priest before running for office and becoming the president.

- Asados! No celebration is complete without an 'asado'( cook out).

- Ruins. The Jesuit Mission Ruins (Reducciones) are quite impressive. I am eager to make a trip to visit them! Check this link for more great photos of the ruins!

- Adolescents. The majority of the population is under the age of 30.

G - Guarani. The country still maintains the Gauarani Indian language as it's official second language.

U - Udders! Cows are everywhere!

- Asuncion. The capitol city's complete name is 'Our Lady of the Ascension' and is also known as the 'Mother City'. More amazing photos here!

- Yerba Mate. Terere, yerba, is consumed in some form each and every day.


Brenda said...

That was fun. I love the cows in the park, that is really, truly Paraguay.

GutsyWriter said...

Very clever the way you have the perfect photos for each letter. I tried that Yerba Mate tea from trader Joe's and didn't really care for it. Perhaps I don't know how to make it properly.

Sarah Joy said...

I have a question about the ministries to young people. How does the statistic you mention effect your ministry? I'm curious about different ways to meet this need, because 50% of the popluation of Mexico City is age 18 and under. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

what is an "official second language"? oh and yerba mate for that matter?


That was very interesting, thank you. The pictures were so good. Do the cows just wander around? They do that in India, I am told. connie

Betty said...

What a fun post! Loved it. And all so fitting.
And so true! Those cows are everywhere!

Gringo said...

For the P: Priest, President, Padre ( bit of double meaning there, no?)

Could one say that life in Paraguay is an udder delight?

Gutsy Writer: Yerba mate is most likely an acquired taste, one that I and Jungle Mom's husband have acquired, but NOT one that Jungle Mom has yet acquired. Though she is very good humored about it.

Contrary to what the traditional instructions are, I use boiling/near boiling water, which results in a stronger and somewhat smoky taste.
I drop 1/2 cup dry into 2-4 cups of boiling water, let sit for 5-10 minutes, and then strain out the water. I am not a fan of sipping mate through the metal straw, but prefer to drink it like we do tea or coffee.

I purchase yerba mate "sin palo," without the stems that add no flavor.
Again, not everyone likes yerba mate, but I liked it the more I used it. I now consume a kilo a month.

Jungle Mom said...

Gringo, we might could add 'prolific' to his list as well.

Webutante said...

Keep us posted on that priest/presidente, Rita.

Do you drink Yerbe each day or still opt for a good ole cup or two of Joe?

Pam said...

The UDDERS was my favorite! hehe

I'm off to check out the other photo links you shared.

Did you see Jackie's post for today? I 'bout fell out of my chair laughing so hard! Can't wait to show Agustin!

Joy said...

That cows got me, I didn't expect that. I really enjoyed the pictures.


firepig said...

Interesting, Thanks!

Gayle said...

"U - Udders. Cows are everywhere!" Did it take you very long to think of that one?

Very cool and informative post as usual. :)

Gringo said...

JM : "we might could add 'prolific' to his list as well."


As a President less prolific than Lugo has said, "Yes, we can!"

Jungle Mom said...

Everyone, I will try and answer these questions tomorrow.

Kathy said...


MightyMom said...

very cool!

so have you developed a taste for terere yet??