Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Tribute to the Living Sermons preached by My Husband

( I am traveling today and decided to re post this.)

Your WALK talks louder then your TALK talks. My husband preaches a good sermon, he preaches in 3 languages, but among the tribe, his life of service was the best sermon ever!

I’d rather see a sermon . . .
then hear one any day.
I’d rather you would walk with me,
than merely tell the way!
The eye’s a better pupil,
and more convincing than the ear.
Your words may be confusing,
but example’s always clear!
I’d rather learn my lessons
by observing how it’s done,
Conversation might be easy,
but your tongue too fast may run!
I may not fully understand
the fine advice you give,
But there’s no misunderstanding
how you act or how you live!

Here is my husband taking care of an asthmatic woman and giving medicine to a sick toddler.

Cooking soup for the village.

Pulling a bad tooth.

Visiting a village to provide needed medical attention and sharing the gospel. Made friends with the chief.

Delivering Bibles in the Ye'kwana language.

Teaching the Old Testament to Indian church leaders and pastors.

Making sure medical emergency patients were flown to town for treatment we could not provide in the village.

Removing stitches from a child's arm.

Hanging out and being part of their lives.


Janice: AKA Nanny said...

Hi Rita,
Your guy sure is cool and it appears God has given him a great heart for missions. Is he a doctor by training or by experience? You are so right about your walk talking louder than your talk talks. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Lady Glamis said...

Service is the best sermon. Your husband looks like he's a wonderful man! Thank you for sharing. :)

redneck preacher said...

There is obvious abuse and a taking advantage of the poor ignorant indigenous primitives. It is amazing that how they mask their hatred of the Ye'kwana man.

I know you pray for our un-met kindred there. So do we.


Mountain Mama said...

I love the poem and your husband certainly nailed it with the sermon about Walking the Walk!

He certainly has a lot to do being Pastor, doctor, cook and all. God bless him.

Joy said...

Man of many talents and he is such a good steward of the talents God has given him.
Thanks for re-posting this so I could see the variety of ways you all minister there.


Brenda said...

I have never seen that poem before but I love it!

Clint is a wonderful guy. And its so true what that poem says, sermons mean nothing if there is not a life to illustrate the words.

Betty said...

He really is living out the word! Inspiring!

Gayle said...

You have every reason to be proud of your wonderful husband and I enjoyed all the pictures except the one where he's pulling someone's tooth. That's because on Tuesday a very tiresome regimine of dental work begins. Tuesday I will have two teeth pulled out, then later on another front tooth, some other stuff that's too boring to go into, and eventually I'll wind up with upper and lower partials, so pictures of dental work aren't really my thing right now, but good for him for helping that woman!

You are indeed blessed. :)

So am I. I also have a wonderful husband and other than my teeth I'm in excellent shape. Considering my age I'm hoping that will last for awhile.

God bless!

American Crusader said...

Great pictures. You are a real inspiration. Someone who truly walks the walk.
Always a good idea to make friends with the chief.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought missionaries were supposed to be IN the pot, not cooking with it!

The Local Malcontent said...

He IS one neat guy, and dare I say, lucky to have you and your kids, too??

Does Clint pull your bad teeth, too?

Steve B said...

Awesome. Unfortunately, I have to hate him now, for making my walk look so absolutely abysmal!

Sounds like a heckuva guy.

Kathy said...

Awesome post! It's a real blessing to be married to a Godly man--I know! :) Praise the Lord!

Jungle Mom said...

Janice, We took special training, called Missionary Medical Intensive. This is equivalent to an EMT training but not valid for use in the US. He took a course in dentistry as well and can pull and repair teeth.
We both did a Midwifery course which was very helpful.

Jungle Mom said...

LMC, No! He has numbed them for me while I waited to get to a dentist. He has also given himself a nerve block when his crown broke out in the jungle.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Rita! It is Elaine and I just read you are in Paraguay! Not in Venezuela anymore! Hope all is well and you are doing great! Remember I am the venezuelan from El Pao! Just wanted to say hello!

Jungle Mom said...

Elaine, I have tried to email you so many times! I left a comment for you.