Monday, June 04, 2007

Computer Problems!

I have had computer problems, with my brand new laptop!

Saturday there was a large Chavista march in Caracas. It was not very well attended. I heard one official say there were 4 million at the march...well, if so, Chavez was using his Super Powers again, ( remember, the National Assembly here has given him 18 months of Poderes Especiales,which translate as Special Powers!) because at least 3.5 million were invisible!

On Sunday there was a spontaneous march in support of RCTV. This was not a student march, but a general march. It brought tears to my eyes to see even elderly people marching. These are the same people who were children and watched the Generation of '28, who fought tyranny and gained freedom for Venezuela from the last dictator. Now they are marching again. One elderly lady was crying, she said she had to see it done all over again, this time for her grandchildren.

The good news was that there was no violence over the week end. His Highness did threaten to take away the license of Globovision, even though it is not expiring for several years, to stop, "Media Terrorism".


Sis. Julie said...

Its good to hear that there was no violence to take place. Amen!!

Sherry said...

Rita, you and your family stay safe! I'll always keep your family in my prayers. May the Lord always protect you all under his mighty wings.

Ashley said...

No violence is good. But, it is sad, to see Venezuela get to this point of tyranny again...very sad.

You're in my prayers!

Liz said...

I new it... by default ;-)
If you are not blogging, you'sick or disconected


Unknown said...

It breaks my heart to think of the Venezuelans feeling so desperate! Especially the elderly!