Thursday, June 21, 2007

Very Tired!

My Saturday yard sale became a Thursday yard sale. Everyone had to come by and see stuff first!! So now, not much is left. I guess thats good.

A truck showed up at 7 am. to get some of the furniture we had sold. Another truck came by at 6 pm to get the living room and all the dishes and pans.. Another truck will be here at 7 am in the morning to take my bedroom set. Tomorrow evening the fridge, stove and the girls beds will go.

We are tired and it is hard to say good byes. It's time to just leave.

We are nearly finished with the painting, then we do a last good cleaning and turn the keys over to the owner. We will spend a few days with my in-laws before we leave the country.

We still have to go around and get all of our medical and dental records. Pay a few bills, close accounts, etc.

I am trying to get in to to see the dermatologist and have 8 more skin lesions removed before we go. I had several removed last October, but already have more that appear to be carcinoma...again. Time to take this fair skinned red head away from the equator!

I am feeling very tired and I think it is still from the surgery. Just tire quite easily. Also the emotional drain is tiring. Knowing I am leaving people behind to deal with a life of communism!!! I can't think about it!! I look into the faces of the children and I wonder...what will their lives be like in 10 years??? 20 years??? I wish I could take them with me!! I know they did not vote for HHH!!

Another American family left a few days ago. One family came by today and it seems they will be leaving soon. heard about 2 others planning to finish up some ministry and then leave in a matter of months. I hope they don't wait too long.

I know this sounds depressing, but I am more tired than anything!!! Still waiting to hear if our container actually made it on to the boat today.

I would never trade my years here, or my years in the jungle. I would never give up the friendships I have made here, but, honestly, if 20 years ago I had known we would be leaving like this, under these circumstances...I don't know if I could have agreed to it!! I guess that is why we as Christians are to live only one day at a time! Enjoying each day, working for the Lord each day!! There are so many blessings I would have missed if I had not given my heart to this land and this people! But, right now... It hurts!! Like someone has died.

But, Joy comes in the morning!!!


Baptist Girl said...

((((((Rita)))) may the Lord strength you and your family as you go on to serve God in the days,months and years ahead. It must be so hard to leave your home there and the dear people you have touched and have touched you. Thank you and your family for all they have done.

God Bless,

Webutante said...

Oh Rita, God bless you all. Can't even imagine how exhausted you must be what with your surgery, move and all the physical and emotional stress that goes with it. When you get back to our country, please let yourself collapse for a little while, resting, grieving and recharing your batteries .

Thinking of you all and sending prayers. May God bless and keep you.

Anonymous said...

It all sounds exhausting anyway, but added on top of the emotional pulls and recovering from surgery -- no wonder you're tired. Hope you have sleeping bags or something to sleep on when the beds go! I'm concerned about those skin lesions -- hope you can get those taken care of asap.

Praying for you!!!

Jane said...

oh Rita, I am praying for you! And your family too. We so many times want our paths to end on happy notes. But all to often, they end with our hearts broken, leading us back to the foot of the cross to trust that Jesus will be the provider for all. It rips our hearts out to see a path have such negative undertones.
Know that the people you are leaving behind are still in God's hand. He does love them, no matter what the next decades hold for their country.
My heart is breaking for all those having to prayers will forever be with those leaving and those having to be under HHH's ruling.

Tom Blogical said...

Thinking of you all. Godspeed.

Kristi said...

Your post made me feel so sad for you. I can tell your heart is there with the people you have come to know and love so much.

Praying for you!


Rita Loca said...

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and words of encouragement.

Pen of Jen said...

Oh Rita,
I have been reading each post, but limited on time so I have not commented. I am sad that you are all leaving so sad.

My prayers are for you all.
Jennifer Bill and family.

Sarah Joy said...

Rita, you and your family have been on my heart especially. You said, "right now, it just hurts-like someone has died." I remember attending the death of a loved one, and the deep weariness that I could feel everywhere all the time and took me months to feel normal again. And I wasn't betrayed, harrassed, threatened or despised. I can't imagine what you all must be feeling.

I'm praying for you often, for strength, protection, peace, and healing.

Unknown said...

Sis, please don't overdo it. Clint and the girls can handle things if they must. Go to Deb's and just rest if you can. You need to be able to get on that plane out of there! Love you more than you will ever know. My heart is heavy. *crying*

Panday said...

Jungle Mom,

Are you able to say what your plans are for when you return to the States?

Liz said...

Rita, goodbyes are the hardest thing to do. It is normal and human to feel sad.
I've known you for a few months and I am sad too...


Gayle said...

I read the two posts above this one so I know what your plans are when you get back to the states. You will be very busy. You will also always have your memories of all the people you grew to know and love in Venezuela. That doesn't make it any easier now, but it will in future days to come. Try to get some rest!

Anonymous said...

So sad Rita, but comes in the morning :)

God speed!