Friday, June 22, 2007

A New Day

( We feel like these two guys! Except our Evil Pharaoh wears red!!)

We had people here until after mid night. A "niece" came by. She is the one expecting and I will miss her birth. This is doubly sad because she is due the same week as my daughter in Paraguay and I will not be there for that birth either. Thankfully, both girls are healthy and have had good pregnancies.

Future Plans

Some of the newer readers here are asking what are plans are after leaving Venezuela. We will be spending a year stateside. During the year we will travel to all the churches and individuals who have partnered with us these twenty years togive a report of the ministry we were able to accomplish here in Venezuela. We also will share with them the upcoming plans for our relocation to Paraguay. In July of 2008 we will be moving to AsunciĆ³n where we hope to be able to serve as missionaries for the rest of our lives!!!

I will be writing more about Paraguay in the upcoming months. There are many opportunities there. We were involved in the starting of th Bible Institute here in Venezuela. Instituto Biblico Bautista de Venezuela and we hope to be able to do the same there in AsunciĆ³n. We also will be involved in church planting. Our son-in law has been in the country for ten months and is completing his internship. We will be able to work together with them.

The fact that we will be near the family and the two grand children is a balm to our souls!! When things here begin to hurt too much, I try and remember that the Lord is allowing us this special opportunity to be near the kids!!!

Gotta go clean out a fridge!!!


Liz said...

Oh yes, you have to keep the eyes in the final Prize.... you will be near Jackie and the girls!

You know what they say... that God works in misterious ways. Which really means that, eventhough --we humans-- do not always understand things and life; there's HIS hand involved and HIS purposes.

Oh well, you already know that! don't you? ;-)


Glenn B said...

Be careful and stay safe - get out of there lo mas pronto de possible.

Brooke said...

Good luck; I'm glad the Lord is getting you the heck outta Dodge while the getting is still good!

Gayle said...

I know it must be a huge bag of mixed emotions, Rita. Sad to leave, happy to be going Stateside, and even happier to wind up nearer to your loved ones. WOW!

The work you are doing is extremely important. God bless you and your husband for doing it. Stay safe and well.

Susan said...

"All is well with my soul"

FeathersMcGraw said...

Good luck JM,

Makes me feel sad that you guys are leaving Venezuela, you have done so much for so many Venezolanos in need.

But, grandma has some work to do now in Paraguay :)

Looking forward to hear about your experiences in Paraguay,

God bless,

Rita Loca said...

Liz, I am wondering if you have heard of the new details in the new education law.

Liz said...

No Rita, just bits and pieces, here and there... and those emails that are around with a 'copy' of the cuban law; about children being state property since they are 3 years old.

If you have something else, post it or please mail me a copy.

I've been sick this week, tengo todo atrasado! from house chores to my daily reads.


Rita Loca said...

Liz, No, muchos rumores pero nada asi concreto.

Pen of Jen said...

Yeah I am excited for you to be near the grandbabies!

I pray that all goes well.

Unknown said...

That's so true Rita. You can think of soon being near your precious grandbabies! (Oohh that still seems odd for me to say, as I am the eldest sister and still have no grandbaby!) But then again, You did everything else ahead of me!

Anonymous said...

God be with you all! Your in my prayers

Portrait of Peter said...

Hope you are returning back to the U.S. in days, rather than weeks - given the increasing deterioration in the country

Stay safe and keep a low profile until you all return.

Anonymous said...

As in PT Barnum's Museum, keep following the sign's that say "This way to the Great Egress==>"