Friday, February 13, 2009

Important Links for Expats

This link was shared with me by a friend in Caracas. I am so excited to find it, I just have to share it with other expats as I know how difficult it is to find enough reading material for our families. So here it is: Free online books! (THANKS LIZ!)

Some are in PDF format, some are Zip, and some others have to be converted to Word.
From classics to modern novels, very good place.
Most are in English, but there are a few in Spanish.

Here are some other links which I have found to be interesting and useful.

COUNTRY GUIDE is an evolving database of cross-cultural information about every country in the world. This user-built guide allows people from all walks of life to share essential tips with each other about how to navigate our increasingly borderless world with savvy and sensitivity. Easy to navigate and free to use.

Expat Blogs

Add your blog and photos and share information with other expats. Fun site!

Link Expats

Suppose you are American and you live in Dubai. Once you join, you automatically join the American expat network in Dubai. All countries and nationalities are represented.


A web based missionary directory. Information of all sorts!

Mission Resource Directory

A useful resource in locating and contacting mission related organizations around the world.

Missionary Blog Watch!

This is my personal favorite site with so much useful information for missionaries as well as interesting reading from all around the world. Be sure and check this out for yourself!

I know a lot of my readers are also expats, do you have any interesting links or perhaps a useful tip you could share with us?


Betty said...

Thanks for the links! I have bookmarked some of them and will check them out later. I also have a great site that I´m going to post about next week.

Brenda said...

Have you ever actually downloaded a book to read? It just does not seem as appealing as a real book, but I've never tried it.

Thanks for the links!

Donald Douglas said...

Your blog looks great! Keep up your important work, and have a great Lincoln's holiday!

Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

I've been downloading books from a few sites, some to listen to on my MP3 player, others to read either on the MP3 or on my phone. It's fairly convenient considering how much time I have to kill standing in lines, at times! I also use a lot, to send free text messages to the cell phones of my people back home.

marina* said...

Yes I believe I will have games you can come and watch! :D

Jungle Mom said...

Brenda, I have not used it yet but my friend, Liz, has.

Liz said...

Brenda dear,
For sure, I like better to have a book in my hands. But lately they are too expensive here (especially in english!). So, this works for me.

Usually I save them in Word format and use the 'reading layout', which seems like an open book on the screen. In this way you don't have to move up and down to read. Just flip the pages as you progress.

I have another link:
(Gutenberg project)
Haven't downloaded anything yet from this site, but it has many titles!

firepig said...

Thanks for the links! Though I have to limit my reading on the internet, due to the lighting that is bothering my eyes since I suffer from scotopic sensitivity.I could never own a blog, but I visit because I have learned to type and read quickly, logging on for just minutes at a time.

I also think that many tendon, nerve,and muscle disorders are worsened by sitting at a computer.

Hope you are over your rash.
Cheers dear
your blog is great, really

Kathy said...

These sites are great Rita! THANKS! A friend of mine here told me the other day about an online book club at that she loves and I'm going to check it out soon. Also, if you want to read about what it's like to live in other countries, has a place where people (mostly embassy workers) fill in answers about the country they're in. It's interesting if you have nothing to do (ha ha) on a rainy day and you're curious about a country!