Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Personal Update

We are getting busier here. Clint is taking over some of the pastoral duties at a small church near our house.

The interim pastor is a young man, working full time and still has one more year in Seminary. He is struggling to prepare sermons and do pastoral visits and such. The church has great facilities but has lost a lot of members.So we started Sunday evenings there and will do visiting and planning events for them.

Clint is also teaching a lot at the church we are attending. I am teaching SS , but they do not have evening services so this works out well. We are learning a lot from the leadership on how things work here in Paraguay. This church formally sponsored us for our Religious Workers visa so we are happy to be able to help and serve them in any way we may. The people are great.

Clint is also in Guarani language school, I am still home schooling and do not think I can do both adequately. Hopefully I will be able to study some after he finishes. Interestingly enough, the Guarani word for 'wife' translates as 'the thing I own that cooks for me'!

He also has made great connections with the Paraguayan Air Force, through the church, and has been giving seminars to the officers on Authority , Pornography and such. Several of them are coming to church now. So odd to be welcomed on base and treated respectfully by the Commandant, even had a special asasdo (BBQ) to thank him for his teaching. After Venezuela, we were a bit suspicious of all things military!

Personally, I have come in contact with several 'wayward sheep' of late. People who 'used to be in church'. I have made friendships and am finding them opening up to me. Pray for them, I will not share more for respect for their privacy. For this same reason, I do not name the churches or areas we are working in.

Brian and Jackie finish their internship here in May and leave for their furlough in June. They have learned a lot and have been very active in Pastoral duties. Jewel will go back to the states with them to work for the summer before starting college in the fall. She is working here at the Centro Cultural Paraguaya Americana, teaching English, but it pays beans. Still, it has been a good experience for her.

In 2010 we will be moving, along with Brian and Jackie, to Ciudad del Este to do a church plant.

Well, I have to go now and cook for the guy who owns me!


Betty said...

I hope God continues to bless your work with the local churches! I´m so glad you came to this country to be in missions! It´s a pleasure getting to know you and your family!

FJ said...

What do you call your husband's 'microwave'? Can having two things that cook for you get you into trouble?

Mrs. C said...

Hugs to you and your family. I just see such an open and teachable spirit even as you ARE teaching. :]

Brenda said...

Busy, busy! We saw Clint walking this morning.

The Hermit said...

I'm glad things are going so well for you there. You sound very happy.

Julie said...

Wow- This is a jam-packed update. I laughed out loud with the Guarani translation!

What a neat contact you are making with the air force. Yes, I too have come across quite a few strayed Christians lately. I am praying for opportunities to witness and I'll keep you in my prayers for that too.

I taught at CCPA for the past two years. You are right, it pays beans! I love to teach though and it helps me keep my pulse on youth!

Lastly, very exciting news about the plant in CDE. That is such a needy area spiritually.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the update on your work down there - there are many "wayward" ones here, too.

Love that definition for wife!

WomanHonorThyself said...

God bless y'all and keep up the great works!

Glenn Bartley said...

"Interestingly enough, the Guarani word for 'wife' translates as 'the thing I own that cooks for me'!"

That is precious.

gecko said...

You certainly do have a busy schedule and that things are working out well for you all.

MightyMom said...

well, that would be my definition of husband....as he is the thing that I own who cooks for me!! haha

busy doing good work. tire not friend.

Charles said...

Wow you are busy. So I guess that makes him an interim interim pastor. Or is it the interim asst interim pastor? What ever you call it ... We are praying for you guys.

Pastoral duties are hard work too. But I know it will be a blessing to both the community and to your family.

I am still excited by the contacts you've made within the military. I am praying that seed will be blessed.

Pam said...

Priceless translation of the word WIFE!! LOL

We'll see Jewel soon then too? I have her empanada making machine hidden well in the floor of my closet!Maybe she'll use it here to make us some!