Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nichati Cherokee

A new Photo of a Younger Nichati Cherokee!

For Aunt Tommie,
This is a photo sent to me by a 'cousin' I just discovered. Truthfully, he discovered me. His grandmother shared it with him and it would seem we are both descendants of the same Nichati Cherokee. I am posting it here so that my own Aunt Tommie might be able to see it.

This is Nichati's daughter, Clara and her husband Robert Riffe. They are the grand parents of my own Aunt Tommie and my father. (Thanks Local Malcontent!)

My Aunt Tommie, My father , Jack, and Aunt Donna.


The Localmalcontent said...

No Problemo, JMom.

As once said, I really love doing the heritage thingy.

And very pleased to see Nichati Cherokee Riffe again. That's a really clear photo from that early 1800s era, isn't it?

I feel like I know her well~!

The Localmalcontent said...

P.S. (sorry)
I hope that both you and your father continues to improve, healthwise, and please give Yekewanaman Clint a pat on his back, and a "Happy Birthday" from us~!

Jungle Mom said...

Will do. I have recently began corresponding with 3 new family members because of this connection. It is so wonderful to receive new family! It makes me feel closer to my roots, and as you know, heritage is important. The more I learn the more I want to know!
My dad is recovering well and I am feeling so much better!!! We celebrated my husbands birthday today with a BBQ and chocolate cake so all is good here!

Gringo said...

What many people forget about the centuries of conflict between the European settlers and the Indians is that there was a lot of intermarriage and mixing of cultures. From my father's side I have a rather small Indian part- from the 18th century. Half of my aunts and uncles married people who were 1/8 Indian.

Pam said...

Neato! I'll print it out for Aunt Tommie and Aunt Donna to see on Sunday at mom's. We're all meeting there for church (the Dartt's) and then lunch together.
I cleaned out some of my emails this morning specifically for there to be room for the email I requested. I guess other stuff junked it up before you got one to me. Sorry!

Did you know that Nicahti was the midwife for our daddy's birth? Aunt Tommie said that she (Nichati) helped birth some 300 babies into this world!)

Pam said...

By the way, could you please send me the long lost cousin's email again? I'm going to go delete more mail to be sure I can receive it. Thanks!

Soul Skittles said...

:D Hello to you too!
Wish I had pictures of my heritage...'twould be really cool. :)

Charles said...

What a great idea. I should do this

Anonymous said...

Family genealogy is always fascinating and I think it helps give a person a sense of "place".

Liz said...

I always say in spanish:
Nuestro pasado nos define.

And I find Nichati very beautiful! She had a wonderful mix of races, her features were very nice. I'm a fan of all photographs.

Kathy said...

Very Beautiful!!! I love old family photos! One of my own favorites is of my grandmother, age four, sitting on the lap of her grandfather who was a Civil War veteran! Another is of my grandfather (the youngest of 11 children) as a four-year-old at an older sister's wedding and he looks EXACTLY like my nephew did when he was four! So cool!

Kathy said...

P.S. If Robert Riffe were alive today, he could be a movie star!

Beki said...

Rita, thank you SO much for sharing these son was partially named for her so to me this is, indeed, a treasure...I will be saving it and doing a tribute page in my scrapbooking of/for her. I remember mom telling me she (Nichati) was a midwife, but I didn't realize she helped deliver Uncle! Love ya Sweetie!

Jungle Mom said...

Beki, I am so happy when ever I find something new. The same cousin says he may have more photos to send me so keep checking back. Would you email me? Pam has my email if you do not.That way I could forward stuff to you.
When you do the page for Nichati, could you send me a scan or just a foto to get a glimpse of it?

JGD said...

I hope you recieved previous note.
I'm new at this "blog" stuff. My parents would like to see your pictures of Granmma Nic and the Riffes etc. My parents have no computer so I would like to print and send to them. I will get the pictures that they have and send to you if you like. Can you send them to my E-mail? Would send to other cousins if they contact me and ask. Thanks. JGD

Deb Mullins Stuckey said...

How wonderful to find this pic!!!!! I saw this at my GG-uncle's house in the past, but was unsure who had it. Nichati was 1st cousin to my G-grandmother, Alafair Whitt (daughter of an unidentified Tice Lester and Hannah Smith Whitt. Hannah Smith was a sister of Nichati's mom, Mary Polly Smith Lester.

Thanks so much for posting!