Monday, February 16, 2009

Jewel's Journal

Jewel,now 18, has been recording some memories from her childhood in the Amazon jungle of Venezuela. Here is one of her latest.

Jewel watches as an indian lady makes a hammock.

Growing up, how many times did you just get totally shocked by something that later on just became expected? It's funny how as kids we appreciate and enjoy the small wonders in life. How a simple bug that we have never seen before is the most wonderful thing in the world. How you would stay up at night and watch for the stars to come out and wish on the first one you saw because even tho they told you the Tooth Fairy wasn't real there was a part of you that just couldn't be sure!
So Ive decided to write down the things that as a child I thought were the most astonishing, most spectacular , unbelievable, the most stupendous things.
In the jungle we didn't have an inside bathroom for many years, we had an out house that was just like McDonalds.......ok, because it had two stalls and that was where the resemblance ends, but I was 4, so give me a break!

Our outhouse.

Any ways back to the point, I knew that there were houses that had an upstairs and that also had bathrooms but it was impossible to have those sort of things in the jungle to my mind. It just wasn't possible! Or so I thought until I went to Tama Tama!! (A small village on the Orinoco River where there was a missionary boarding school for many decades.)
I remember getting off the plane and being tired and sweaty and so I went to the house we would be staying in. If any one has ever had a 4 year old they will know they have very small bladders and a two hour flight is very long!
That being the case, I asked the missionary lady where the bathroom was. She smiled and said "Up stairs..." I could slightly hear her continue talking but I just had to stop and ponder this new revelation, and this is what I thought, Up stairs? Did she really say there was an up stairs? Maybe she meant a loft ..yeah! that must be it, haha! There's no way she can have an up stairs in the jungle, haha! My small bladder was starting to protest so it brought me back to what I was asking before.

Our loft.

I asked her again because I kinda got lost on the whole up stairs thing. She looked at me and smiled and said " Up stairs and the second door....." my thoughts? Well mostly like this, "DOORS?????" but once again my bladder brought me back to the present and I had to ask her once again. This time she not only looked but also laughed, haha, I guess I would too! So once again she told me " Up stairs and the second door on the left." .......dose she mean to tell me that the bathroom is in the house? No way! Impossible! She pointed to the back of the house to what looked like stairs.
I looked once more at her and then slowly walked to the stairs. I looked back at my parents, seeing as how they were busy talking, and I was told not to interrupt adults. I slowly went up the stairs ,making a mental note to try sliding down the banister later, like in the movies!
Once I got to the top, I stopped with my mouth open! This was definitely not a loft! It was, with out a shadow of a doubt, an upstairs! As I slowly walked down the hall, counting the doors, I realized I didn't know which side was left and right. After taking a a few moments to figure out which side was left, I figured the best way was to do' TU TI NA NE WA MA DU DI TA'. (Ye'kwana version of iny mini miny mo!) So that done, I opened the door, and if this was a movie you would see a little girl opening a door with a bright light shinning through... and the next thing I remember is getting in trouble for sliding down the banister!

As you can see, Jewel eventually was able to take stairs for granted. Her she is in a wedding in Venezuela last year.


Mrs. C said...

What a precious Jewel! And she has turned out nicely, too. :]

I've heard the story of how one missionary kid who lived in Ethiopia as a child came to the US and thought she was at Disneyland because of the escalator ride LOL!

Dawn said...

Great story! She is beautiful.

Baptist Girl said...

What a beautiful young lady!

She is a Jewel!


Brenda said...

Ahh, Jewel looks so pretty in that picture.

Once, when I was a kid and we returned to the States from Mexico, I got lost in a bathroom and could not get out. A story for another day.

Betty said...

Awe, that´s so great that she is writing these things down. It will be great reading them many years from now!
Great story!

Pam said...

I loved this! Jewel, you are a very good writer and story teller,because I had a mental picture of all this taking place as I read!

I was just telling Aunt Tommie last week about your gust for life! I told her the McDonald's bathroom story and how you thought the colorful flies around them were oh so pretty and glorious!

Kathy said...

This was a great "through the eyes of a child" story! :) I enjoyed it!

Debbie said...

This is a great story. I bet she has so many to tell. I grew up with an outhouse for 3 years. Right here in the USA.

Jackie said...

I loved TamaTama houses. They were like mansions!

Anonymous said...

Nice of her to share those childhood memories. And i echo the above comments, she's aptly named.