Saturday, February 07, 2009

My Brother's Substitute Brother

Too sick to find cartoons.
Enjoy this essay written by my daughter Jewel.

Josh meets his 'substitute brother'.

In my family there are three girls and one boy. Jackie,Joshua,Jewel, and Jayde.
Anyone who has a son or a brother or is a boy, will know that boys like to rough house, play war and stuff like that, but most of those thing need to be played with a second person. Usually, brothers will play them together, but since my brother didn't have a brother, he had to find a substitute with what he had at hand.

There was Jackie, who was a book worm and had no problem with ignoring Joshua. Ok, so next option is Jayde, she was the baby of the family and still little. Not much of a challenge so that left me, the girl who if ever told that girls couldn't do some thing ( no matter how stupid that thing was ) would do it! Just to prove that girls were just as good, if not better, then guys. Ding, ding, ding we have a winner! Substitute brother found!!!

I loved playing with my brother. He taught me a lot of things growing up. Like how to throw a left hook, he taught me how to play Nintendo and xbox and PlayStation. We would do lots of stuff together lots of stuff my mom and dad didn't know about.

Like one time me and my brother 'snook' (it's a word in my family!) off to the river during rainy season. It was cool and we had a lot of fun.....till we got in a fight and I got mad and wanted to swim out to the rock in the middle of the river. I forgot to measure in the difference of the level of the river and swiftness because of the thunderstorm the night before. I was quickly swept down river towards the rapids my brother was on the shore running as fast as he could to keep up with me, yelling at me to stay calm, he found a rope and threw it out to me. I grabbed on to it and he pulled me in just a couple meters from the rapids....we decided not to tell mom and dad about it, but a couple of years ago me and Joshua were talking and we remembered it and told mom and dad. Josh was 17 and I was 15 then, lol ,mom's face when we told her about it was priceless!

The last time I saw my brother he told me I was the little brother he never had.......he had me in a head lock and was rubbing his knuckles into my head!!!! After my brother let go he started to walk down the hall. He thought I had learned my lesson and would not retaliate HAAA! what ever!

I took off after him and was going to tackle him from behind but because my brother is bigger then me, I jumped so that I would get my arms around his neck....but he kinda ducked and I flew over him like Superman! Right into the wall... head first. I then slid down, still head first, and my feet sticking strait up in the air! My brother was laughing while asking me if I was ok.....I wanted to punch him but I couldn't figure out which of the three he was!
So I just glared at all three , my mom came out took one look at us and said "I told you someone would get hurt" .

At a young age, Jewel already knew how to hold her own!

Best buds!

Who needs a sled, a shovel will do just fine for these two!

Home made see saw.

G.I. Jewel

Jayde, Jewel, Naomy, Josh,and Jackie.
The polished Jewel!


Z said...

Well, dear girl, you do have SOME wonderful family and you write about the fun so well! Glad you were okay after hitting the wall!

Jungle're you feeling? Miss you! You're in my

Glenn Bartley said...

You sound as if you were a true jewel of a big sister for your broter. Way to go young lady!

All the best,
Glenn B

Joshua said...

We fought every single day, and played even harder every single day, ultimately we could not stay mad at each other for to long or who would we play with? Arguing made us both excellent debaters a skill which always comes in Handy.

Betty said...

This is so funny. I´m sure she has many more such stories. She should write more of this!

Brenda said...

So glad you don't have dengue!

Nice article written by Jewel.

I tagged you in my blog today :)

Liz said...

Oh boy... she's a tough one! but very beautiful I may add.

Kathy said...

This was great! More good stories to tell your grandchildren one day! Hope today is better for you and tomorrow is even better!

Mountain Mama said...

I enjoyed seeing your family pictures.
I do hope Jungle Mama is over the sickness by now and feeling much better.

Thursday's Child said...

What a neat pair! Definitely a good idea not to tell Mom about that river ride until several years later. ;)

Pam said...

Oh Rita,where have those precous little ones gone!?