Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Enemy God

I have written about the book entitled "Spirit of the Rain Forest" which is the biography of a Yanomami shaman ( witch doctor) shake (Bautista) turned preacher, who I know personally. You may be interested to know that his life story is being made into a movie! He is from the village where Mike Dawson writes about his growing up experiences in his own book entitled '"Growing Up Yanomami"

Mike's book is available for order at,

The Story: Shake (Bautista) is a powerful shaman of the Yanomamö people. He wields his power to heal and to protect his people against their enemies in this world and beyond. Tracing his life and the life of his community over 40 years of their history, Shake tells how he and his people grapple with new ideas that come from the outside world and the challenging decisions they make in order to maintain their identity and survive as a people.

Here is the theatrical trailer for the upcoming movie of Shake's life story, The Enemy God.

The Enemy God
has received great response in film festivals and special screenings over the past months.

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Find more videos like this on Behind "The Enemy God"

And here is a short video in which Timoteo and Bautista, both Yanomamo pastors from the village of Coshaloateli , Amazonas, Venezuela, tell you themselves their perspective of the upcoming movie. I have had the privilege of meeting both of these men.


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I hope Netflix gets this one; I can't wait to see it!!!

Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

Ah, man! We can't wait to get our hands on this! Reckon they'll be selling it at the traffic lights? Okay, maybe not, but the trailer is great and we look forward to seeing the movie!

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This sounds like an excellent read (and movie)! How neat that you know him.

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I hope I can find a copy or a showing. This is a movie I'd really enjoy.

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Bob is going to want to see this! Thanks for getting the word out

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Thanks for this! I just found it--somehow missed it when you posted it. Am buying the book right away and having my mom bring it down! Can't wait for the movie!