Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yekwanaman's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my Mr. Right!


His age? 47

How tall is he? Perfect for me! 5'7"

How long did you know each other before you got together? We wrote letters for years! Back in the day!

What physical features attracted you to him first? His eyes

Eye color? Hazel, but they change with what he wears

Hair color? Mostly brown, a little gray coming in tho!

Hair style? He was a Marine!! High and Tight.

Normal outfit? Blue jeans and a pull over or t-shirt.

How did you meet? My friend ,Kim, invited him to a church skating party! Then she met her husband at our wedding!

How serious is it? Couldn't get much more serious! 25 going on 26 years and 4 children, and now 2 grandchildren...

The grand babies!

Are you "in love"? More and more each day!

Do your parents like him? Yes

The family at our wedding!

Do his parents like you? Of course!

Do you trust him? With my very life. Actually, I have had to trust him on several occasions for my life and my children's lives! He has never let me down!

Would you share a toothbrush with him? uh..yeah!!! I share gourds with an entire tribe!! So why not his toothbrush!

Would he let you wear his pants? We are talking figuratively, right? NO WAY!!!

Do you have a shirt of his that you sleep in? That's for me to know and you to find out!

Do you like the way he smells? Yes, well...usually!!

Can you picture having kids with him? Yes, but not again, please!

Jungle Mom and baby Josh in Barquisimeto, Venezuela.

What bothers you the most about him? hmm...that he can pick up languages so easily while I have to study and stutter!!

Does he have a temper? He does, but he rarely lets it show.

Are you happy to be with him? I would follow him to the deepest, darkest jungle....oh wait! I already did that!!!

Does he embarrass you in public? No. Well, sometimes, only because I am shyer than he is.

Does he smoke or do drugs? No, unless terere counts!

Does he have any piercings? No! Too funny to imagine!!

Any tattoos? No!

Does he have any scars that you know of? Where shall I many to tell about here. There's the canoe one, the surgery one, the drill in the hand one....

Is he a party dude or stay at home? He loves to the Christian sense!

Is he outgoing or shy? ROTFLOL!!!Never shy!!!!Never!!!

Does he love his mama? Yes. She has gone on to be with the Lord.

My in laws on their Wedding Day

Would he hang out with you and your friends? Yes. Our friends are mainly couples, but he even served coffee to me and a few of my bloggy friends last week!

Sing? Yes, changes keys a little too often, but it doesn't stop him! However he does play a mean trumpet!

Shh! here's a secret! He even took ballet classes as a child!

Brother Ed and Lil' Clinton!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Devil Dog!

Yekwana Man said...

I did have that tea for altitude sickness WAY up in the mountains of Peru! But since they have to be processed into a base component before being considered a drug we won't count that either! It was made from "Chocolate" leaves, I think they said. It sure calmed the headache and dizziness and nausea.

Soul Skittles said...

:D Yay, Happy Birthday!!
Nice pictures :)

Anonymous said...

That's a great post. You two have been down the long hard roads together.

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday best Dad in the world!

Betty said...

Share a tooth brush??! Not me! But then again I haven´t had the experiences you two did.
Happy Birthday to your Yekwana Man!
Great interview!

Humble wife said...

Happy Birthday Clint~I am sensing that Rita may love you(just a bit=)!!

Pam said...

"Chocolate leaves" indeed! Coke right!? I watch the travel channel so I know that little secret! hehe
Happy birthday Clint!
Rita, I really enjoyed these photos. I had never seen one of Big Ed in his Marine dress or so thin!

Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

AW! I love the pictures you included! Happy birthday. I went to the same high jungle in peru and also enjoyed the "special" tea. I even managed to get some home, but I didn't chance bringing it with me to Paraguay. Haha. Good stuff. It really does help nausea. :) Hope you two have a great time celebrating your day.

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Clint! That was a wonderful tribute

Findalis said...

Happy Birthday Yekwanaman. And many more in the years to come.

Liz said...

Very nice post! Feliz día Clint!

Love the pics especially the one of you and baby Joshua.

Dani Joy said...

I think I may have met you and your husband when I was in Paraguay. Is it possible? I was there in 1995 for the summer, with the Fannings. I worked at a bilingual school there. Well, even if I didn´t meet you then, I have sort of met you now. ;) this was a fun post. Such a great way to honor your Man!

firepig said...

Happy Birthday Yekwanaman!
Beautiful pics by the way.
very much luck to you !

Kathy said...

Nice "Husband Birthday" post! It's nice that your birthdays are close together! Ours are on the same day which is fun for us! What a blessing to grow old, eh, stay young, together! :)

Yehudi said...

Happy Birthday! What a great post and a tribute to a wonderful life together. An inspiration to those of us who are trying to catch up. Our 6 yr anniversary is 2 weeks away...we've almost caught ya!

Brooke said...

Aw, Happy Birthday!!!

Z said...

Wait, is this a Valentine's Day Post!? Oh, is it sweet....I LOVE to hear about couples who've been together a long time and still care SO much! And what wonderful pictures!

Rita, you have to love this guy a LOT to do what you've done all these years....My husband's job took us to PARIS and I resisted! :-) (not for long, however, not once we got there)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNGLE POP!! You've got a GREAT girl there! xxx

MightyMom said...

Happy Birthday!! tall are you??

Jungle Mom said...

I am 5'2"! if I stretch up on my tip toes!

Jan said...

what a great tribute to the man you love, and who loves you!

You have such a way with words, sometimes, and it always makes me smile! :)

Charles said...

Very nice.. Happy birthday to Yekwana Man