Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Preacher's Wife

I was blessed to be born into a family full of pastors, most of whom were Baptist preachers. This has been normal for me my entire life. I have been related to Baptist preachers in just about every familial relationship possible.

When I was born, I was born to the titles of;

The Preacher's great grand daughter
The Preacher's grand daughter
The Preacher's niece.

Upon my father's ordination, I also became,

The Preacher's daughter.

Later when I married, I gained the titles,

The Preacher's wife
The Preacher's sister-in-law.

When my daughter married , I became,

The Preacher's mother-in-law.

My son is not ordained yet, but he is already preaching, so I am also now,

The Preacher's mother.

I have several nephews also in school who are preparing for the ministry and so I have become,

The Preacher's aunt.

However, since we are Baptist, the one title I will never have is,


Which probably explains why I have this blog...


Nina in Portugal said...

Amen...Preach is Sister!!

Deedra said...

I had THE exact same thought as Nina!

Preach it Sister!!! bless so very many through your blog ministry! Thank you for sharing your heart!

Dawn said...

Very clever post - and that's a lot of preachers! I have a lot of preachers in my life as well, but have never thought to list them like that - maybe I should. We do have women preachers in our church - in fact, just elected the first woman general superintendent four years ago. It was amazing.

Anonymous said...

Can you be a preacher? I noticed that with my inlaws and all their friends. It was the man who was always the preacher and his wife always acted a support and assistance. I don't see anything wrong with that at all, I just wonder why no women are preachers. At least, not up here in the mountains. I see Dawn has some women preachers in her church, but it must be rare.

R Lennon said...

Have you been called 'pastora' in Paraguay yet?

Elephantschild said...

And that is definitely something this Lutheran gal can get on board with a Baptist lady about!

(We also hold that the office of the ministry is reserved for men alone. At least, MY Lutheran synod does. Some do not.)

Jane said...

Well.....maybe you should be Methodist!!!!! JK
I come from a long line of ministers too.....Methodist and Baptist and even Free Methodist!

Betty said...

I bet you could do some preaching too. Just by being related to so many! :)

Jungle Mom said...

Hermit, can I preach??? Just ask my husband!! But, no. I do not preach in the congregation. I may teach ladies groups, give testimonies and I have even taught future pastors' in a class room setting.

Jungle Mom said...

R Lennon,
Yes, I have been called Pastora in Venezuela but not here yet.

Jungle Mom said...

Elephant's Child,
Yea, we do pretty good if we stay away from baptism and communion!LOL!

Jungle Mom said...

there is an old joke in my family,
"Do you know why God does not call women to preach?"
"He doesn't have to, they do it anyway!"

Jungle Mom said...

And I remember thinking everyone knew how to make a 3 point outline by the time they were 12! And a poem is nice too. All should fit into a 30-45 minute time frame, tho!

Barbara H. said...

LOL! "The Preacher" is one title I really wouldn't want. What few times I have spoken to ladies, the weight of the responsibility was heavy indeed.

redneck preacher said...

You are married so I know there is some preaching going on.

Nice family legacy, I'll guess there would be some cool stories about the great great granddad, the one who began the beautiful service.


Liz said...

This post could be the lyrics for a country song, you know? :-)

I can see that you're very proud of your heritage.

Kathy said...

Maybe in about 20 years you can add grandmother-in-law to a preacher! Who knows?! :)

Mrs. C said...

Oh my goodness. LOL. Forwarding this link!

Brenda said...

hahahahah! Me neither! But I don't want that title!

Gombojav Tribe said...


I am also the Preacher's great grand-daughter, grand-daughter, daughter, sister, niece, cousin and wife.

But, we are not Baptist.(Pentecostal/Charismatic) So, I am also a Preacher!


Thanks for the smile today!

(btw, Mrs. C. passed on your blog link!)