Thursday, July 12, 2007

The EVIL Missionary

I recently was called some pretty choice words on another blog. I will not repeat the language here, but, suffice it to say, that I am the scourge of the world and force Indians to get "saved". And so on and so forth. I wonder if these people feel the same about the Muslim "missionaries" now working among certain tribes of Venezuela.Talk about a religion that forces people to convert!!!!

I am posting a few fotos of some of the humanitarian works we did in the jungle. Much of tribal missions is about ministering to the whole man. Medical work is paramount as the government does nothing much in this area. We also built schools, taught them to read their own language ( so as to preserve this aspect of their culture) and to read Spanish. We worked with the Health Department and controlled malaria as well as tested and treated malaria, again, permission being granted through the Health Department. Missionaries trained local village nurses, lab techs for reading slides to test for malaria and other blood born diseases. We supplied the plane needed to transport the sick AT NO COST!!!We also did pre-natal care, as well as deliveries, and dental work.

Indians waiting outside for medical attention on one of our regular "clinics". These are indians from other villages who travel hours and even days knowing they will get help from the mission. We also traveled and provided medical care in the different villages.

We were granted funds through the World Health Organization to build a dispensary. This was also done under the supervision of the Health department. Interestingly enough, the Chavista governor at the time, flew out for a foto op him inaugurating HIS dispensary.

We also were asked to oversee much of the construction and equipping of the school. The funds came from several grants and were dispensed through the Health Department. We were glad to do this and the finished school was and is the SHOW CASE Escuela Bolivariana. The one shown on all the propaganda about what the government has done among the tribes. In typical bureaucratic fashion, the school was equipped with a library with shelves, but no books. A stove but no propane tanks, a freezer and two computers with no generator. And the school is supposed to be supplied food for the lunch program but.... it has been years since any food made it to the village.

The School Kitchen

6th grade Promotion held in the Church

Hosting inter-community games

Inside the school. Teacher trained by missionaries.
Paid by the Department of Education.

Two of the four sections of the new school.

The finished medical dispensary.

The small thatched roof hut behind the dispensary is for housing the family of hospitalized Indians from other villages.

Maintaining the airstrip used for medical flights.
Paid for by the mission.

Mission Planes.

Indian returning to village on mission plane.

And, yes, we also taught the Word of God and helped to translate it into their own language.

The Indians love music.

Church congregation at evening service.

Pastor's Seminar held for training Church leaders from several tribes.

Christ was also despised. So at least we are in good company!


Elízabeth said...

Y quién fue el grosero??
Flojos que gustan de lucirse con los logros de otros, no?
Sorry in spanish, this made me very mad Rita!!


Charles said...

I love what you said in your last line.

I don't know you other than through this forum, but I assure you most all us out here pray daily for you and your work. I am sad your time in Venezuela had to end. You will be missed by those that matter. A new chapter begins.

Our church and pastor have to face this type mean spirited thing daily. Take a que from Perry and remember God know the truth.

Dawn said...

Isn't it amazing the misconception people have of missions?? Or faith based anything??

NspiredByFaith said...

What awesome work you guys did there! Thank you so much for sharing the photos with us!


Mountain Mama said...

For those of us who understand the Mission field, there is no need to explain.
You have given years of your life to help those in need.
I see our Missionaries in the same way I see our Troops. Selfless people with more love for their fellow man than most.
You are to be commended for all you are doing.
Pay no attention to those who condemn you. They do not know our Lord and are blinded to truth by the enemy.
'There are none so blind as those who WILL not see."
I stand behind you in Christian love and prayer.
May the Lord continue to bless you and all you have done for his glory.
The pictures tell a beautiful story of your work.


Wow, such a great work.And the story goes on and on. God bless you all, I think I say this every time, I come to this place but it is because I truly mean it. connie from Texas

A Note From Theresa said...

I recently was called some pretty choice words on another blog. I will not repeat the language here, but, suffice it to say, that I am the scourge of the world and force Indians to get "saved"

I'm shocked, really. That is just the saddest thing I have ever heard. You work a life long job for the Lord and the world seems to throw it in your face.

I think you and your husband are great, wonderful workers for God. May he bless you both in the work you are doing.

Baptist Girl said...

They will never forget what you and your family have done for them Rita. You have surely been a blessing from the Lord. God bless you and all those dear missionaries throughout the world!


Sire said...

I am just curious:

- did people enjoy all these free services even if they refused to convert to Christian Faith?

- in the schools where you taught them, were they required to attend Christian religious classes?

I have read about missionaries in Ecuador, that they provided food and services only to these ready to convert, which does not really seem fair to me.

redneck preacher said...

The news about Muslims converting Indians is alarming but should be expected. The final post from sire is probably typical of anti-Christians. Both of his questions are insultingly ignorant. Ignorance can be cured. Christians do not only help the brethren. Look at Rescue missions in this country. He needs to expand his reading from single minded leftist to real people.


Jungle Mom said...

Sire, have not seen you around much lately.

We offered the same services to any and everyone. Many of the indians were from tribes of different language groups and we could not even communicate much, how would we "convert" them?

The school is a state school registered in the Ministry of Education. The entire curriculum comes from the government, not the mission. The teachers are all employees of the state. I only facilitated them as they were only bachilleratos and often needed help understanding materials.

We did teach literacy classes to adults and anyone could attend. The village chief, the village drunk and the local witch doctor.Little old ladies, and young mothers...anyone.

I also taught a Sunday School class for children, purely voluntary attendance, and a Bible study for ladies, also voluntary.

My husband taught Bible Classes to adults but the pastor of the church is himself an Indian and had been a Christian for several years.

The government did a Mission Robinson and hired a teacher that I had to teach to read!!! Then they gave him a VCR,TV, and small generator to teach monolingual indians to read Spanish!!! The TV and VCR were put to use showing porn films in the round house and the generator was destroyed by Indians dancing all night to Criollo music. The teacher received his salary, sometimes, and the village was declared "literacy free"!

When called on the radio for medical emergency flights, we would go pick up patients that we never had met or might never see again.

I do not know what you may have read about in Ecuador, but it sounds like the same old propaganda that was said against us. I don't believe everything I read.

Abouna said...

The enemy has always hated missionaries. I saw the same thing in Vietnam. But Remember,they hated Jesus first.

God bless you and your husband for the work you were able to accomplish in Venezuela.

RealEstateGirl said...

Amen, sista! Pay no mind to evildoers! Pray for your enemies, which is so incredibly hard to do!

Much love!

SERENDIP said...

OH, jungle mom, How bad I feel for you. You're the best.

Jungle Mom said...

Thanks to everyone!!! I am feeling fine! I have been treated much worse and even had worse things said about me and my husband. Goes with the job. You should see all the comments I delete. LOL!

Jungle Mom said...

sire, oops! Make that illiteracy free!

Anonymous said...

That is just ridiculous... well, your pictures tell the truth about the GOOD that you all did there, and no one can argue with that.

Pam said...

Hey these photos tear at my heart! They are going to miss all of your help! And who will be there to fill your shoes? Nobody can do that! We will trust that they remember the wonderful truths they were taught about God and His Word.

See you all tomorrow (Fri) evening!!

Sarah Joy said...

God bless you, Rita! I'll bet you get some interesting comments. I've seen some of the vitriolistic venom that can pour out of someone who wants to deny God. Amazing.

I really appreciate your sharing all this, even though I can imagine that it must be painful. The story must be told, as long as we have the freedom to speak!

Sire said...

I have been somewhat busy of late, thus I have not been around too often.

Thanks for the information, this sounds really good, as it ought to be. The 'literacy free' may indeed be more accurate than the 'illiteracy free' though, given the dismal efficiency record of the Robinson Mission.

Regarding the Ecuadorian case, it's more than that I just read it somewhere, I have actually talked to people that were 'in situ'. However, I do not remember of what sect these missionaries were, and surely you cannot generalise from just one case - still, I was curious as to how you guys handled it, that is why I asked in the first place.

Rests to say that oftentimes it's the governments that interact worst (or not at all) with indigenous people.

Glenn Bartley said...

Yeah from those pictures it sure looks as if you were an evil person trying to dominate the populace. Holy cow, I cannot believe someone would think that about you, what with the good you have done through your religious beliefs. I figure they are nuts, you are good, and you do good; and as you know I am none too religious so coming from me you know I mean it.

All the best,
Glenn b

Rubia said...

What another great post. I LOVE to hear about the various work done by all the different missionaries. And I understand how Sire asks his questions - he has no idea what missionaries do because it doesn't make sense to someone that doesn't love God to give up your life and your chance for money, career, prestige, fun, to serve people that could never pay you back and could never give you what the world thinks you need. Missions is such a confusing thing for most people and they think it belongs only to people who have no other reason to stay in the US. Fortunately, we know that the world is full of amazing missionaries who could have been rich and influential in the US, but have chosen to give all that up to follow the One that give us true meaning. Thank you for your sacrifice, yet I know that you would simply say that the glory all goes to God.

I agree with Mountain Mom - missionaries fall in the same category of our troops - self sacrificial and people we should look up to as heroes. Thanks again.

Webutante said...

What wonderful photos, but more importantly what wonderful work you and your husband have done there. Great will be your reward, dear lady.

And how very sad what is now happening to the people of Venezuela. Let us pray that this regime can never take away the impact that you have had for the Gospel and in fact causes it to grow.

Donald Douglas said...

I don't know how anyone could begrudge your work. I'm am in awe of your humanity. Thank you for sharing!

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Jungle Mom said...

donald douglas, Welcome to the Jungle Hut! Thank you for your kind comment. I am wondering how you found my blog.

Tom Blogical said...

Sounds like ignorance to me. There was a time when sea monsters supposedly existed as well. Thanks for posting the pictures, I had no idea just how much you were involved there.

gecko said...

I'm impressed and admire the work you have all done, such a shame you weren't able to continue.
I have worked as a nurse in the outback of Australia with the Aborigines and absolutely loved it, and I understand some of the joy and frustrations you have experienced. I have a few Aboriginal photos on my website. (Crusader Rabbit's wife :))

Jungle Mom said...

gecko, so nice to have you here!!! I am sure you can relate to our life!! I would love to see more fotos of the outback.