Monday, July 23, 2007

Prayers ,Please!

Guess what I am doing?

I am web camming with my daughter who is in labor. She is in Paraguay and I am watching her contractions from here. Keep her and Brian in prayer today. She has decided on a home birth. She watched so many Indian ladies deliver in the jungle, and had a bad experience in Costa Rica with her first, she rather be at home. Read all about it!!!
Happy Wife

UPDATE : 2:30

Jackie has decided to lie down as she looks to be in early transition now.

Update: 3:30

I have lost my web connection with Paraguay. Still waiting. I think it will be later this evening. Just a hunch!


ElĂ­zabeth said...

Isn't internet great Rita???!!!!!
Que Dios bendiga y proteja a tu nueva nieta!


Anonymous said...

Oh it is so wonderful that you can do that!! Thank-you for the update!

Elaine (Jackie knows me as Autumn);)

groovyoldlady said...

Waaa-Hooo! I'm praying right now!

Daughter of the King said...

been praying and checking her site and your site.....can't wait..we are all family ya know!!!! Christian Bloggers..

Christine said...

I am so excited! Jackie is such a sweetie. I cannot wait to hear the good news.

Brooke said...

OMGosh, early congrats are in order! :D

Penless Thoughts said...

I'll bet it is awful being here in the states and not with her. Technology certainly does help though :o)

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness! I'll definitely be in prayer! I had no idea!

I am so excited for Jackie!! And for you!

Pam said...

Biting my acrylic nails!!! Staying glued to this computer and my phone. Thanks to all for their prayers!!
Rita, I know you are there with Jackie in your heart and spirit. Thankfully you have the internet and a phone. What if you all were still living in the jungle???? Then of course, you may have been able to afford to fly down for the birth since you wouldn't have had to move to the states. Oh boy, I'm just babbling now, nerves?? Excitement??

Morgan said...