Saturday, May 12, 2007

7 Random Things

I was tagged last week to do the Seven Random Things About Me. So... A little late but here goes! I was tagged by BAPTIST GIRL.

I was also tagged by Stray Thoughts.

1.I met my husband at a roller rink. I fell and he tripped over me and kicked me in the fore head which left a big bump!

2.I can help deliver babies with no problem at all, but if Clint has to do a dental extraction...I leave the house!!! Makes me nearly pass out just writing about it!

3. In my elementary scrapbook, I have news paper clippings of my choices for the Presidential elections. I wanted Reagan to win the GOP nomination, but Gerald Ford won it! Even at that age I was interested in friends thought that was weird!

4. I am petrified of mice! Snakes, spiders, lizards, bats and other such critters, I can get rid of myself, but a tiny mouse scares me to death!

5.One of my earliest childhood memories is of sneaking out my sister's doll into the back yard. and hiding in my Dad's boat. I hid down under a tarp and used a marker and drew all over the rubber doll! I don't know if Pam remembers it or not, but I have carried the guilt for years!!! What made me do such a thing????( Maybe I should have become a tattoo artist?)

6.I use bleach to clean my house. If it doesn't smell like bleach, it doesn't feel clean!

7.I have always dreamed of living in the mountains in a log cabin! It would be PERFECT!


Anonymous said...

You are one cool lady, alittle weird, haha, but I'm blessed to know you. Don't feel guilt over the doll thing. I think it was God preparing you for the tribal paint in the jungle. Hey, just trying to help you out here. (Sorry Pam, I never had a sister so I never went through this kind of trauma.) Now brothers, yes, I can tell you stories.

Happy Mother's day my friend.

I loved the roller skating story. God uses unusual ways to bring us together with the man of our dreams.

Barbara H. said...

What an interesting way to meet a husband! :)

How funny that you can face snakes and bats but not mice. They would all send me into a tizzy.

I wonder what it is about dental things -- it freaks me out, too. I cringe when medical shows show dental stuff.

Thanks for playing! And Happy Mother's Day!

Tina said...

Oh, that is so funny about how you met your hubby!
Happy Mother's Day!

Tina said...

and oh yeah you and I are kindred spirits for sure on number 7! Oh, how glorious!
Enjoyed reading this!

WomanHonorThyself said...

yay Rita youre back! happy to see u again!!

Krista said...

Happy Mothers Day to you as well! I see you are feeling much better--and I must say I am guilty as I have not taken the time to check on you--I do apologize! I started to tag you for this same meme but I new you had been under the weather! So I am glad someone did! Have a wonderful evening!

MissKris said...

I came by this evening to wish you a Happy Mothers Day, too, tho I'm getting on here late enough it's probably pretty close to midnite and Monday in your corner of the world, haha! Was so happy to see your Mothers Day greetings on my blog this evening, so I moseyed on over here to catch up and see how you're recuperating. I'm so glad to hear all's well and that you're coming along just fine! I had to laugh about your being able to deliver a baby no problem but can't watch a tooth extraction. I'm known to have a stomach of iron and nothing much ever phased me until my Dear Hubby split the top of his scalp open on the job several years ago. When it was time to have the stitches taken out he really didn't want to go to the doctor to have it done so I said, "I'll do it!" I climbed up on a kitchen chair and had him stand under the light and started snipping and plucking the stitches. And then I realized his scalp still looked like raw hamburger and I started swooning and had to get down and put my head between my knees to keep from passing out, haha! My family couldn't get over it! I'd taken the stitches out of a dog's belly after she'd been spayed...I've cleaned up lots of blood. But his half-raw scalp? Nope...couldn't handle it. Funny the way we goofy humans react to things, isn't it? I hope you had a LOVELY Mother's Day! Don't overdo it, tho. ((((HUG)))))

Penless Thoughts said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and are feeling "Up and at em"

Karen said...

Hi Rita, Happy Mother's Day! So sorry to hear about your surgery. I haven't been keeping up with my blogging buds as I should, and it was news to me today. So glad you are up and about again!

Very cute story about meeting your husband!

Dawn said...

If you go way back in my blog, you'll find that my husband and I met at a volleyball game and got engaged on skates! I also was very politically active at a very young age - campaigned for Nixon/Lodge, Goldwater, etc. Met Nixon after he was out of office - a great story I plan to tell someday.

Happy Mother's Day - very late. Kev and I have finally finished Part 8, if you're interested!

Julie's Jewels said...

You met your husband at a roller rink? I met mine at Walmart!! I actually met him some time before I started working there and that is when we began seeing one another. The rest is history. I tell him often as a joke that if he ever becomes defective that Walmart's return policy is 100% guaranteed for a full refund or exchange. If I'd have met him at Target or Kmart that would not be the case...LOL!! It was a blessing reading these things about you and getting to know just a little bit more about you.

Pam said...

Don't listen to Miss Ginger up there! Yes you must feel the guilt!! Oh you bet I remember it! I came home from school and checked on my baby in her little crib to find her all covered in pink ink! I think I practically screamed at my momma "What happened? I asked you to watch her today!" You see, every morning I would tell mom that I had tucked my baby in bed and mom was to babysit her! I couldn't believe mom had been so irresponsible! LOL I remember so well trying to explain her lapse to me. She said you and Johnny took it out without her knowledge. I think I cried over it. Mom said she had tried scrubbing the red ink off with comet and that is why it looked pink! Anyway, I remember it all too well!!!

Beemoosie said...

Neat post! Hope your mama's day was blessed!

javagirl1111 said...

I love this! That list is down right cute!

jennifer said...

I am so glad that you are up and about!

I love reading these things, especially the way you met your husband! Cute!

Pat said...

Great to get to know you more---soem of these facts are quite interesting!!

I just bought a rat as a feast for our snake on Thursday!!! I am not afraid of them...just don't want to share quarters with them!!

I am sure we all could do seven more!!LOL

Pat said...

Thanks for your greeting---I truly appreciate you thiking about me!!

Rebecca said...

lol I'm with Pam. You should feel guilt over what you did to her doll! And lots of it!

groovyoldlady said...

I LOVE mice...tame, pet ones. Wild ones are pests, but they're still cute and furry and they have such big, beautiful innocent eyes.

"Me? Nibble on your sesame oil lid? I'd never do such a thing...and no, I am not the one who pooped all over your Tupperware either!" blink. blink.