Friday, May 18, 2007

Mixed Emotions

Josh and Naomi

My son is on his way to Venezuela today. He is bringing home a "friend". Hmmm??? Should be an interesting visit. We are all a little sad, knowing this is his last trip to visit us here in Venezuela where he was born and raised. It will, I am sure, be an emotional time for us all.

The container came on Wednesday. The house is empty looking,with nothing to decorate the walls and only the necessary furniture to get by with. In the kitchen, I keep looking for my favorite spoons and pans, but they are gone already. It is like we are camping here in the house for the next month.

It is real now. We are leaving this land we have made our home for 20 years. I try not to think about it. I try to think of the future, but it is hard to do.

For now, we will enjoy this time with Josh. Get to know his friend. And keep on!!!

So, as I said, we have mixed emotions.

A month ago I asked for prayer concerning some things I could not share a lot of details about.

1) The friends in danger are ok. Seems they have been able to get out of the hot spot.

2)The permit we were trying to get so that Clint could go into the village to do maintenance on the tractor and generator, and hopefully get out some more of our belongings that we had to leave, did not come through. The General would never receive the letter.

3) Josh being a Venezuelan citizen, needs his Venezuelan passport. We have been trying to get it renewed as his expires in a month. It shows up as "delivered" , but not to us. So either, they did not renew it, or it was delivered to someone else and who knows what they are doing with it.

4) The other request involves some legal issues we have in the courts here. Still waiting on that as well.

So, we still need prayers!!


Glenn Bartley said...

I read a lot of your posts, almost daily, but I must have missed something big. Are you guys getting booted out of Venezuela, or leaving by choice, or because of your mission, or something like that?

I am somewhat confused. I hope everything is going okay for you and the family.

As far as your son goes, if that lady in the picture is the friend he is bringing to meet you, all I can say is good for him and for her.

Stayt safe, enjoy the visit with your son and his lady friend.
All the best,
Glenn B

PortraitofPeter said...

Rita, What can I say - your daughter's poem is so deeply touching with such heartfelt emotion - that I was in tears upon reading.

She was able to put into words and from one so young - to one so very young (Madeleine). May God answers those prayers from the heart.

I do hope you have a truly wonderful time with your son's visit and of his friend too.

I also pray for you all at this time - when you need it most.


Jackie said...

OH...I wish I wasn't so far away!

Dawn said...

I am sad for you! I wonder what the Lord has in store for you and for the jungle people you love so much. Thanks for the word on the Nazarene missionaries - I didn't think we had any in the jungles. I wonder why the difference in ability to stay?

Josh's "friend" is beautiful. They are a very handsome couple, for sure.

You might enjoy my latest post.

Dawn said...

Can you tell me the names of your Nazarene friends? I'll never forget the opening of our work over there in the early 70s. I was a brand new missionary president here in our church and it was very exciting.

Penless Thoughts said...

That's an "in love" look wouldn't you say? A wedding soon?

jennifer said...

Count me in on praying for you all. I will pray for the Lord to take care of these needs, He knows and has always been there.

I can't wait to read about Josh's friend. I love seeing the kids grow up and become so amazing. Your son is well on his way.Pam did a neat post on him!

Take care,

Jungle Mom said...

Gleen, it is a little of both! I cant go into much detail, but we most likely would not be able to renew our Visa anyway. All the jungle missionaries have not been able to do so. Our Visas expire in September. we will relocate to Paraguay.
We have some "special" considerations involved.

Jungle Mom said...

Dawn, The Fischer Family. John, Shirley, and two daughters. The missionaries in the jungle are the only ones to be effected so far. i personally think that all North Americans will have to leave in the next few years. They are no longer issuing Religious worker Visas here.

Jungle Mom said...

General, Yes, Naomi is the friend. No wedding TOO soon. They are both starting their third year of College.

Jungle Mom said...

Peter, yes, she was very emotional about Madelin and had to write some thing. Thanks for the inspiration.

groovyoldlady said...

God has a plan in all of this. A GOOD plan...

WomanHonorThyself said...

gosh Rita..please stay safe and be careful out there hun!

Pam said...

I have never seen this beautiful photo! They do look gorgeous and perfect for each other! We shall see what God has in store! I loved doing the post about him. I wanted a baby photo to display but didn't have one on my computer and I don't have a scanner. Oh well! Have a wonderful time and give them both hugs for me. I tried calling his cell this morning, but had to leave a voice mail.

Pat said...

Praying for all of you!!

Close in our hearts....we feel for you and this hard decision having to leave this chapter of your life!! WE believe God has a great work for you to accomplish in Paraguay!!!! (FRINGE BENEFIT: daughter, SIL, and grandkids!!)

Abouna said...

Jungle Mom: I know how you feel about having to leave Venezuela, as I experienced similar feelings when I had to leave Vietnam many years ago.

I wish that I can assure you that all will be well in Venezuela in the near future, but only the Lord knows that.

I will continue to pray for all of your other needs and concerns.

Where ever the future takes you, your family and myself, you will always have my Love and Prayers with you.
God Bless.

Judith said...

Tonight in the news they showed an Iraq "Honor" killing of a young woman. Her own relatives helped kill her by kicking and hitting and stoning her til she died.

I'll be trying to keep up with where ever you are. It sounds like much is happening very quickly there, and this must be more than hard.

Makes me remember two things, that God's Plan for you and your family supercedes whatever evil people might do, and I'm so thankful for our Savior, and America. God keep you in His Arms, I'll be praying for you.

Glenn Bartley said...

Well stay safe, and goodluck with the mocve. Also, I agree with Susan who said that is an In love" look.

All the best,
Glenn B

Anonymous said...

Just read your comment that your son made it home to you. Praise God! Enjoy him! I am so happy for you :)
You are in my prayers for all the other needs.
Beautiful photo of both of them.

Michael said...

Jungle Mom:
Last time I took a "friend" home to meet the family, I married her...