Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ethnocide? (by Yekwanaman)

Chajudaña was the village of choice for hosting most of the inter-village reunions because it was the healthiest, best organized and most able to provide food for the other villages. The other indian villages chose Chajuraña repeatedly for these cultural events.

I recently received an anonymous comment that said I was guilty of ethnocide. Here is the comment ....

"The word ethnocide barely begins to describe the atrocities your ministry is inflicting on indigenous cultures along the Rio Caura."

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Elízabeth said...

Ay Rita.. this is completely embarrassing for me as a venezuelan.

What I understand is that they don't want the indians to be educated. Why? because an educated group is harder to dominate. That's what is all about.

They don't care about the infant mortality reduction, less drunks or eliminating prostitution among the indian girls.

They'd rather have them in almost savage state in order to maintain power over them. Because knowledge is freedom.


Jungle Mom said...

We know many Venezuelans and do realize that not all feel this way. Thanks for voicing it and you are correct on all counts.

Shane Rios said...

weird stupifing o p.s look at what car i came out as.

Shane Rios said...

Liz hit the nail on the head didn't she? Control and dominance is the main issue.

Shane Rios said...

oops! I just realized I was signed in as Shane in my previos comment. It's really little ol' me ,PAM!